Found that bag I bought -- and never received -- relisted!

  1. Hi,

    I just wanted to warn you all about a seller. Three weeks ago, I bid on a Botkier Trigger -- no one won, as the reserve wasn't met. I e-mailed the seller to ask if it would be relisted. She offered to sell it to me and I (stupidly, I know) offered a price, which was accepted. I paid through PayPal.

    Well, I never received the bag, and yesterday I found it relisted on eBay -- the listing is verbatim, down to the minor imperfection, so it's the same bag -- with a BIN price that's much hgiher than what I paid.

    The seller has until 1 pm today to refund my money before I dispute through my CC company. I will be pressing charges if I have to. But I'm posting this in hopes of exposing the situation to other potential buyers. Don't buy things outside of an auction on eBay. I knew this, but wanted the bag so much I disregarded it. And think twice about buying from this seller -- he/she is dishonest, to say the least.

    Here's a link to the auction:
  2. Gosh, that is disgusting, and what a greedy idiot she is to relist it, gosh these people make you mad.

    Its a hard lesson learnt tho, never deal with anybody outside of eBay unless you have history with them, and have had many good dealings before.

    Best of luck with your claim, make sure you add this new listing to any dispute you have :smile:
  3. Luckily, I paid with my CC. I'll be disputing through my CC company, not through PayPal.
  4. Oh my god thank you! I was thinking about buying that bag!
  5. PayPal gets very pissy if you don't file a claim through them first. They might put your account into a negative balance. I'd file a claim first and then with your CC.
  6. Never ceases to amaze me how greedy and gross people get for a couple bucks!
  7. That's a really nice bag, but that sucks a lot! Wow, horrible people.

  8. No longer true actually...but was true for many years. Paypal had to change their policy because it was in violation of consumer rights. Now a cardholder has any and every right to go through their credit card company first.
  9. Did you e-mail the seller & ask?
  10. Unbelievable! :wtf:

    So sorry this is happening to you. :sad:
  11. Wow, that is horrible! I would definitely dispute it w/PayPal (as a formality) then call your CC company, just so PP doesn't mess with your account. What did the seller say, or are they not responding to you? I'd be so PO'd!!! Good luck! :smile:
  12. PayPal has confirmed this to me as well.
    Just don't do BOTH at the same time.
    This breaks policy.
  13. Good thing to know! So if you dispute it through PayPal, is it almost like they file the charge back with your CC for you?
  14. Thank you for letting us know. I will definately avoid this seller.
  15. I had a seller do this to me last year with a pair of LV Spa Mules. I paid immediately (won the auction through Ebay). Seller never responded and never shipped. I had to file a paypal dispute (won) and then a credit card chargeback (won) for the remainder of the money that paypal didn't cover. The seller was NARU'd.

    Many months later, I come across the exact same auction for the exact same spa mules with the exact same pictures. The seller had re-registered under a new name! I confronted her and she emailed and said "who are you?" I said, I'm the first person you sold these spa mules to! She never responded again, and Ebay NARU'd her second ID, but not before she sold the spa mules to someone else!