Found some new Sunnies

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  1. Months ago my favorite (at the moment) sunnies were stolen. I purchased another pair but in tortise, mine were black. Ended up not loving them. Sold them a few days ago.

    Then I found these quite by accident at Nordstrom Rack last nite. I know someone else just found these at TJ Maxx. Mine were $59 and came with the case, so I'm pretty excited. JAX told me they were $218 so it was a great deal. The style is S473 Blair. They are the light tortise.

    If I'm brave later I'll post a modeling pic. Here's the stock photo:

  2. Love them especially the side accent! :tup:
  3. Those are cute!!!
  4. I have those in the the maroon color with the rose tint! I love them!!
  5. I like the little hearts on the sides. Very cute.
  6. That was me! I got them at TJ MAXX for 59.00. Coach said 318 when I called but 218 sounds real to me.

    I love them too!
  7. Nice! I really want to find a pair.
  8. They're a semi-old style right? I bought mine probably like a year or two ago! I never wear them because of the maroon color, but when I do every once in a while, I love them!!!
  9. Very Cute!
  10. Really cute!
  11. Super cute, congrats!
  12. awesome deal!!!!! and super cute!