Found some great Groom Wallpapers...

  1. I didn't make these nor am I taking credit for them. I just thought these would be cute..

    Here's images..
  2. HOW CUTE!
    Love it!
  3. aw, this one is so cute!!

  4. Cute!!
  5. aw how cute. I like the one where he's hiding behind the Rond too!
  6. very nice ... thanks for sharing!
  7. awsome. i love them all
  8. Awww I love these soo much. Partly because of my beloved Groom Agenda.
  9. Adorable!!
  10. Thanks for posting!! So cute!
  11. Those are so cute! Im going make one my wallpaper, then go over to SO's computer and make one his wallpaper just to piss him off!:p
  12. These are soooo cute!
  13. Aww. I'm glad everyone likes them..I use the blue one because it matches the default colors on my computer!! LOL