Found shoes to match Miss Zoe!

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  1. I :heart: red patent, hence why I tracked down the Crimson Patent Zoe! While outlet shopping, I found a pair of shoes that I think match pretty well, probably closest I've seen. TIA for letting me share! [​IMG] Even the buckle is similar. My two loves: Coach and shoes!:biggrin:
  2. Wow, you weren't kidding about them being a match! Perfect! Those shoes are really cute, what brand are they?
  3. Great job matching those are Nice...Congrat's
  4. Life Stride. Never heard of them before. I think they were $29.99. They are comfy and super cute! Got them at Factory Brand Shoes at the outlet mall in Gaffney.
  5. Omg those shoes look super cute! They go perfect with your handbag!
  6. Perfect match, congrats!
  7. Thanks ya'll! Even my hubby and boys said they were pretty!
  8. Wow! Perfect match and they are really cute! Congrats, your Crimson Zoe is gorgeous!
  9. TY Tuptake! I love my Zoe, it is my first one! Red is my favorite color and this bag has gotten me numerous compliments! And I love the Zoe, wish I'd gotten one WAAAY sooner.
  10. GOod job! I found a pair at Nordies Rack one time that matched the gunmetal peyton (and the pat. grey peyton) but never got them, they didn't fit well on me.
  11. PERFECT match!!! I hope they are comfy!
  12. Awe, I bet they were gorgeous! Ok maybe this is weird....but I've never owned a pair of red shoes but after I got this Zoe, it was like a mission to find a pair of red patent shoes. They are super comfy and make me feel sassy! I'm a pretty:graucho: casual dresser usually but I do think I'll be wearing these out for V-day dinner!
  13. ^Perfect Vday outfit!

    Most of my shoes don't match ANYTHING ... and for now that's just been how I operate (save I have a tattersall barrett shoes... that match my other tatt. stuff).

    SOMEday I might be more coordinated ... but not anytime soon!
  14. I LOVE those shoes!! So cute and match so well. Such a great find.
  15. Wow. I love that color of zoe with the silver hardware, it's breathtaking! The shoes are very pretty, and what a pefect match!