Found Pictures of Asher Mini Twist

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  1. #1 Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2010
    This is from Aster Alice presale page. So far I only see black, cognac, and purple.

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  2. #2 Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2010
    Price for the Mini Asher is $525 and it says expected ship date is November 11. I think they're pretty cute, but wonder if it will be coming in the large size as well?
  3. They're cute but I can only do the large size so hopefully they will come in the large ones as well!
  4. mmm I love that purple! but i'm really not loving the rolled handles :sad:
    I wish they kept the braided handles... think i'll wait it out until there are more pics.

    thanks for posting Denverite!
  5. I agree the braided handles were much nicer.. Still cute though
  6. Adorable! Thanks for posting Denverite. Agreed on the handles though, much prefer their braided handles or the rolled ones. I wonder if the handles fit over the shoulder, can't wait til they release the specs.
  7. Honestly to me I think Treesje is messing up on two of their best sellers, the Magnolia and Asher. First they changed the shorter chunky braided handles to longer thinner ones and now to no braiding at all. Sorry but I do not like the Asher or would I the Magnolia without the braided handles... so sad but I am losing my love now, for the best style I thought they had, SIGH ! JMO!!!
  8. Yeah I like the braided handles much better too. Maybe it's just me, but in these pics the handles look super long and almost out of proportion. It will be nice to see pictures of the actual bag so we can get a better idea!
  9. yeah ITA, they look super long. I'm sure they wear better over the shoulder than the braided, but I almost wish they were shorter for a purely arm satchel or detachable so I could just use the shoulder strap instead...
  10. I agree, I don't like the new handles. I have a wheat asher and bordeaux magnolia and I love the braided handles. I was considering my next Treesje but I don't think it will be a new one.
  11. I want this bag in the regular size with braided handles.
  12. I agree, I love the braided handles, one of the features which mafe the Asher or Magnolia unique. Although I do like the longer braided handles on the recent Magnolias as they can fit nicely on my shoulder.
  13. I agree.. I miss the shorter braided handles... le sigh.
  14. The short braided handles is the main reason I've never bought an Asher, so I like the longer, rolled ones! A bag that can easily be carried on the shoulder is a must for me and I don't like to have to resort to using the longer strap so the shorter handles flop down on the sides.

    Love the cognac!

  15. I suppose I was very lucky to get my Pumpkin (regular) Asher with braided handles a few weeks ago. But I like the new Mini more than I thought I would.