Found pic of new Gryson for Target bag!!!

  1. [​IMG]
    I really think it looks allooooot like Olivia. I know Peter Gryson said it wouldn't but check out the double double handles, snap on bottom, zippered compartments and id tag.
    If you ask me it looks like a bad knock off of their own bag!

    I JUST bought a gryson and i would be a somewhat annoyed if it had been an olivia cuz now ppl. might think i got it at target!:shame:

    Soooooo.....what do you all think???????!!!
  2. It's cute. I wonder how the leather feels. Wait... is that leather?
  3. I am a little annoyed.. not alot, but a little. lol. I JUST got a black Olivia and that Target Gryson looks pretty darn close to my Olivia, except of course.. the color. Sigh. I wonder if its going to be leather??
  4. I doubt it's leather, I like the style, and would never confuse it with the real thing. I love Gryson bags and don't feel threatened by the Target line - in fact, I might buy one, but I would never confuse it with the real deal....I love love my Olivia, it's so amazingly luxurious.
  5. I don't think that I would mistake this for a real gryson. You can tell that the materials aren't the same as their regular bags, the straps look a lot thinner and flimsier. It also doesn't have the woven handles that most grysons have.
  6. :confused1:OMG I didn't know that Gryson is designing for Target?!

    I just purchased my first after agonizing over the cost.
  7. I don't think it looks like an Olivia at all although the front pocket is reminiscent. I rather like it. Wish it was made in the regular Gryson line. I'd buy it. Heck...I may buy it at Target for a knock around bag.
    I'm sure when put against a real Gryson the difference will be immense.
    Anyone know when they debut?
  8. Wow, I've been waiting to see some pictures for the Gryson for Target line! Thanks Chanmutt!! I see a slight resemblence of it to the Olivia, but I'm not too bothered by it. I may actually get one when it debuts (if I can get my little hands on it). I was actually hoping they made some nylon ones for the Target line, because I don't like the feeling of bad faux leather. Hopefully the leather for this line is good. Of course, I'm not expecting it to be as great as their Gryson line.
  9. I don't think it looks THAT similar to Olivia. Not enough to be mistaken for one. While I understand where you're coming from with your annoyance, the point of the Target lines are for the designers to use the design elements and style of their high price point line and make similar items at a lower price point. If it was too different, it wouldn't reflect the style of the designer and the people who can't afford the real thing, but were looking forward to the Target line would probably be pretty dissapointed.
  10. Don't shoot me for saying this, but I think it's pretty silly to be upset about a bag at Target if you have a real one. Buy a designer bag because you adore it and because you think it's gorgeous, not because it's exclusive or people will think that you spent a lot of money. Those are pretty terrible reasons to shell out a lot of money on something, IMO.
  11. I TOTALLY agree. Just screams of total bag snobbery. I buy for the quality of a bag. It shouldn't matter what other people think! I could care less whether people confuse it or think it's cheap. All that cares at the end of the day is what I think of the bag. If you own a gryson, then you will definitely know the difference in quality and the target pic doesn't look like it can compare at all to a real gryson. Does look like a nice knock around bag I might get though! Just give people that are broke some happiness. Sheeshh!
  12. I am going to get one in every color - I just love the Gryson look. :tup:
    So when should I start stalking my local Target? Anyone know?
  13. hey guys. let me explain. I'm the last person to be thought of as a snob. What I meant but didn't say clearly is this.
    I can't stand when certain ppl. who I know flaunt their designer bags. Always bragging about how much it cost, the brand name, how fabulously superior they are (:smile: and they are usually just talking about the lower end of high end designers.

    I am glad to be mostly above all that and love to use "fly under the radar" bags so you can see they are nice but they are understated and the whole world doesn't know how much i spent.

    now that the gryson line is coming out some of my friends are gonna make so much fun of me for spending as much as i did on the "real" grysons since now they will have an idea of just how high end gryson really is.

    and on that note I hope whoever wants one of these bags gets one i'm sure they will be great
  14. Uh oh Ladies.....hold on a sec. I don't think this pretty pink bag is from Gryson's line for Target. I seem to remember seeing this bag in WWD...featured as part of Gryson's line for Spring '08. This could be good news for Lexie lol...! Chanmutt, where did you see this picture?

    Nitrolicious always has the info on upcoming Target collections, and they have always been accurate in the past.