Found out my MIL has been spying on me!!


Apr 27, 2006
OK, yet another mother in law rant~ I have one of those MIL's from hell. Luckily, I have a new sister in law (who married the other son) that can't stand her either. I find out tonight, while talking to my SIL, that my mother in law found out my Ebay ID- she did this by getting onto our office computer that last time she was here. She ebays as well. Well, my ebay ID was on the computer, you know how it stores your ID so you don't have to enter it everytime. She did a search of my ID & found out everything I've bought & sold. She calls her other son & expresses "concern" that she thinks I've been taking money from my husband without him knowing & buying all these expensive handbags. WTF?! First, my husband knows EVERYTHING.. He knows what I buy & sell & is usually pretty happy when I get a deal on something or acutally make a profit. Anyway, my sister in law is telling me this & my jaw just dropped. My MIL also asked her other son to call my husband & discuss it with him. Of course, he is too chicken too & never does. I tell my husband about it after they all leave. At first, he's like "you're kidding me?!" Then it's a shaking head & "just ignore her". Well, I'm PO'ed. I know ebay transactions are public knowledge but I feel so violated. I don't know what to do. Confronting her won't do any good. She will still continue to spy on me I'm sure. I'm so creeped out at the fact that she's watching what I buy. I can't change my user ID because ebay will link her to the new one if she checks on it in the next 30 days & I shudder at the thought of starting over & opening a new account. I've been on ebay 5 years with 900- 100% positive feedback. I'm stumped~ I'm thinking of changing my user ID to 'HiJeanette' (her name). That would freak her out the next time she checks on me!

Let me also mention that this woman sucks money from both her sons & refuses to work. She buys junk on ebay with the $$ my husband gives her to live on. I could go on...

Thanks for letting me vent!


Aug 6, 2006
How awful for you, I don't understand why a mother would want to meddle and cause trouble for her son's wife? That is the worst thing you could do to turn your son and grandkids against you. What a nut!
Oct 17, 2006
Isn't it against the law to access someone else's account without permission or knowledge of the owner? Too bad she is your MIL (because you do not want to start a fight with her). Otherwise, you could call the police and get her arrested.
If it was me, I would have ignored her spying. However you spend your money or your husband's money is none of her business. And as long as your husband also ignores her about it, the case is closed. In other words, do not let her actions bother you.
For relatives with whom I do not get along, I try to stay away. If they keep budging in, I keep ignoring them. If we must meet during certain occasions, I just try to be polite, but keep a distance and minimize contact/conversation.


Jul 4, 2006
Just ignore it...if she has so much free time on her hands to go snooping like that, any confrontation will just fuel her into wanting to know more because "you may be hidding something"

I really am waiting for the bf parents to spy on me...who knows, they may be doing it already! (I have heard from his friends that his parents hired a private investigator to look into their (the friends) whereabouts and what type of things they were doing....)