Found out I bought a fake

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  1. I had this bag authenticated by the helpers on TPF the Celine thread before I bought it way back in Jan 2012.
    This is the link

    I found this bag is a bit too big for me so I sent it to Real Deal Collection for consignemtn. I got an email today from RDC telling me this bag is fake.
    Since it's been 8 months already, Paypal refused to help me. I emailed the seller but looking at her selling history via Bonanza she stopped selling since Feb 2012 and her profile is inactive and is "locked" or "private".
    I filed a complaint via Bonanza but I have almost no experience dealing with this kind of stuff.
    In the back of my head, I am thinking I will not get any response back from the seller if she still exists nor can Bonanza is able to provide any help.
    I paid quite a bit on this "fake" that the seller claimed to be authentic ($1900 to be exact) and I am feeling rather cheated. Sigh, I now have lost trust on Bonanza and will never buy anything expensive on there ever again... :censor::mad::Pullhair:
  2. I'm not familiar with this shop, but is it possible that they are wrong and the bag is authentic? Maybe they were on the fence and so couldn't buy it because they aren't 100% sure they can authenticate it.

    Did the bag you received match the photos in the Bonanza listing? If you have your own photos of the bag you received, I'd post them again to the authenticate this thread.
  3. Or you could get a 3rd opinion on the authenticity of the bag? It might not be fake as claimed by the shop. They might overlook something?
  4. TRy to authenticate it here on the forum... sometimes a mistake can be made..
  5. The OP already posted the item on the Celine AT thread and was told that it looked authentic.
    OP is there a third party professional authenticator that you could pay for an opinion? Also how did you fund the purchase? Credit card or PP balance?
  6. Oh gosh. I am so sorry to hear this. I agree that you should pursue this with a third party authenticator. I do not know if Caroldiva authenticates Celine. Because the purchase was made in Jan, it may be hard to pursue any chargeback unless you paid with American Express. In my experience, Bonanza will try to help you, they definitely do not have the bay mentality, but because she doesn't sell anymore, there may not be anything they can do.
  7. You probably should ask a third party authenticator..would want to be 100% sure

    and we have seen where consignment shops have made errors in the past

    and there is no harm trying to authenticate it here again on the forum

    with new & fresh eyes perhaps...
  8. Sorry, but while nice to have, the opinions here re authenticity are not accepted should the OP care to pursue the issue through official channels. Which is why I suggested paying for a third party opinion that would be accepted. It all depends on how the purchase was funded, of course.
  9. You could of course, always sue if you want to go that route. Does the seller live in the U.S.?

  10. Yes, the OP should consider a third party..

    Unless she funded this purchase through her Amex she might have a
    hard time collecting any money back..or perhaps another cc that might
    have an extended time frame to file a claim

    She could possibly go to court but not sure about the statue of limitaions
    on this particular kind of case
  11. I'm not sure what state she is in, but I am sure it is at least a year.
  12. Since the seller is no longer on Bonz, don't know if Bonz will give out that
    info but OP has to ask & explain the circumstances..

    Also, if she has her name she can possible do a search & find her current address
    or phone..

    This was bought in Jan 2012... its October now... just hope the OP can
    do something..
  13. Is this the same seller as If so, they also have Twitter and Facebook account. If you search on TPF, you can fine their items been asked on ATC thread and looks like all of them were deemed as authentic.
  14. This could be good news for the OP...
  15. It's no harm to authenticate it here again. The consignment could be wrong sometime. Good Luck.