Found out I bought a fake what to do...

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  1. So yesterday I asked some help with what to get, and I liked talking about the shopping so much that I decided to go to Amsterdam today already thinking about the goodies I wanted. So I got to the store and I the SA I use frequently was there, we like eachother and ahe is always honest with me when I ask if something looks good on me etc. etc. so when I pulled out my pm agenda which I bought over ebay a while back she asked me where I got the agenda because she couldn't recall seeing me with it. So I let her see it and she had to bring me the bad news that it was counterfeit, so a long story short I didn't end up buying anything because I am thinking about my options.

    I purchased the complete refill a month back so my options are:
    1) buy another PM agenda and use the refills
    2) buy MM agenda which I like a lot more but have to purchase new refills and won't use the other refills anymore.

    The logical thing seems to purchase the PM but I don't want to be at the end of the year and think I wish I had the MM.

    What are your thoughts on it?
  2. get the mm since u like it alot more
  3. Maybe your nice SA can be persuaded to give you the MM refills for free if you decide to switch to that size?

    I can't see staying with the PM if you prefer the bigger size.
  4. Go for the MM. Now is your opportunity to get what you want since you're getting one anyway. Perhaps you could sell your PM refills on eBay to recoup some of your money.
  5. Get the MM - it's a more usable size !
  6. awww, sorry to hear that. ITA with pltprincess
  7. I say get the MM, it's better to get what you really want so you don't regret it. You could sell the pm refills if you want, also.
  8. What a bummer. I agree with the others. Get the MM and maybe you could talk to your SA and return the refill that you bought for another one.
  9. Thanks for all you comments, I think I wil get myself the MM agenda, sadly I can't return or sell the refills since I already used the first month of it, but now is the big question which agenda should I get. I was thinking about the mono, graphite or ebony.
  10. Well, considering January is almost over... if you haven't touched anything past January, you could still sell the remaining months, as there is always someone who buys an agenda at any point in the year who may not buy the refills in store, since they won't be using some of the months.

    It's worth a try. Just don't forget to mention which month has been used and which haven't :smile:
  11. great advice!

    enjoy your authentic MM this time!
  12. I absolutly will, I already threw my other agenda in the trash :P
  13. Good point, and there's no harm in trying :biggrin:
  14. Too bad about the fake agenda. Whenever I purchase an ebay item and use online authenticators, I ALWAYS take the item by the LV boutique for visual authentication!

    Sounds like you really want the MM agenda, so get that in GRAPHITE, a wonderful fresh twist on a classic design! You can either sell the PM refill or staple them & use them somehow - at your desk, in the kitchen to write notes, have calendar handy....

    Post pictures of what you decide!