Found Original Cabas While Still Looking for Khaki Cabas

  1. Hey PFers,

    In an attmept to find a khaki cabas, I came across the original cabas in black and in beige (SA told me it was an orangey pumpkin color) at the Saks in Pittsburgh if anyone is interested. The SA told me the price was $1,650 so if anyone is them! I hope this helps someone...and if anyone has any leads to a khaki cabas please PM me, I'd be eternally greatful. :yes:
  2. :yahoo::yahoo:Yayyy!!!! Thank you so much Sylphi!!:flowers: I bought the black cabas!! I was debating between this one and the baby this point I'll take whatever I can get my hands on. I'm so excited...this will be my first Chanel handbag purchase. I hope I love it just as much when I see it in person. I tried on the white cabas and teal baby cabas a couple of months ago at Neimans, but I really wanted a black one, so I waited. Now I'm glad I did!! Good luck in your search for a khaki cabas...I'll let you know if I see or hear anything!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  3. :yahoo: OMG! I'm so glad that a PFer was able to get this! I was trying to run a search on the threads for someone looking for the original cabas and didn't find anyone looking for one. Congrats! Yay! At least one of us got something we wanted!!!

    Maybe someone else will want the beige one? I never even knew there was a beige one that was orangey/pumpkiny...sounds nice though.
  4. wowww congrats shopdrop!!! :yahoo:
    is it the black caviar leather? :drool: so chic!!!
  5. I called the store and the SA there said there is no beige cabas. It was another tote bag. The beige color would be so interesting.
  6. Hmm...bummer. I thought it would've been so pretty too...
    Yeah...that SA didn't seem very knowledgable about the cabas. I was very shocked when she didn't know if it was the original or baby.
    I'm sorry to get people's hopes up... :sad:
  7. Sylphi- Thanks again.....the SA that I spoke to didn't seem very knowledgable to me either. She was very nice though. She didn't even know what shipping service they use. Now I'm starting to worry.

    Seahorse-Thanks!! Good question, I didn't even think to ask( I was too excited) but the price was $1650, so I hope it's safe to assume:s. I'll know for sure in a few days. I actually would have even bought the vinyl one but the leather was my first choice.
  8. Oh...I wasn't aware that the original cabas came in a different type of leather. I just assumed it was the black caviar because of the price...oh...*cross my fingers* I hope this is the bag shopdrop99 wanted...
  9. i think for the price, it would be the black caviar :p
    except on eBay for 1600 u get the vinyl and for 2200 u get the leather ha ha ha
  10. Yeah. I hope so. But that's why it's good that she got it from Saks so if it's not leather, she can always return it. :yes:
    Wow...are those the going rates for Cabases (sp? - Cabasses) long as people know what I'm talking about. That's insane...unless you really like it. :graucho:

  11. yeah, i've seen the vinyl, the smaller one which retailed for 995 sold for nearly 2000 :wtf: on ebay auction!
  12. Wholy moly!!!! :wtf: I can't believe it...I don't think I could pay more than double the retail price!
  13. wow congrats shopdrop99! was that the last one? I've been wanting a black one too! I just got a 277 white reissue so I SHOULD stop myself but....oh you ladies know what I mean....

    how much did it come out to total with tax and shipping?

    I'm contemplating between the black original coco cabas and the black modern chain tote....

    and thanks sylphi for the info! please let me know if you know more!
  14. Thanks, chanelplz! I was so excited this morning that I forgot to ask how much the total was:hrmm:. The only thing I asked about was the color and price.
    You should try calling them tomorrow to see if they happen to have anymore.

    Congrats on your white 277 reissue!! I know exactly what you mean...beautiful handbags are hard to resist:yes:
  15. No problem Chanelplz. I just want to be able to help other PFers find their bags...I know how it feels when you LONG for a bag but it seems so unreachable (like the khaki cabas for me...:sad: ). Unfortunately (and I'm really kicking myself in the butt for this) I forgot to ask how many original cabases she had in stock since the SA seemed very unknowledgable. I had to wait several minutes on the phone because the SA didn't know if the bag was the baby or the original and ANOTHER few minutes after she confirmed the bag was the original to get the price. Bleh...:smile:

    Anyway, I was so tempted by a grey reissue when I heard they were still available so we're all in the same boat. hee-hee...thank goodness for my raise coming up in March! :yes:

    BTW, I wanted to let you know that I have my name waitlisted on a black modern chain tote at NM. An SA at NM told me that Chanel will be producing a few more of these puppies in the upcomign season because it was so popular. I have my name down but I don't think I'll be getting it. Want me to let you know when the SA calls me? I'm not sure when it'll come in though and what number I am on the wait list. I know for sure that NM in Palo Alto will be getting four of them in. That's all I know for now...again...I had another unknowledgable SA (why do I keep getting them...or do others here experience the same thing?)