Found one!


LV=My Bliss
Dec 28, 2007
Chesapeake Bay country
Today my daughter and I took a trip to our outlet. I found a beautiful leather whiskey Legacy shoulderbag for myself and I bought my daughter a Bleeker leather small flap. While we were browsing, an SA was unloading a big box of swingpaks. I happened to glance over and saw, sitting right on top, a Legacy leather swingpak!!! I have been wanting one of these but had heard that they are almost impossible to find anymore. I grabbed it, and the SA said that was the only one that they got in that shipment. I couldn't believe it! The swingpak I bought is black, I would have preferred brown, or whiskey, or British tan, whatever colors they come in, but I wasn't going to turn down this bag just for the color. Black goes with everything, so I can't go wrong with this swingpak, the strap is black, so it won't get dirty as quickly as a white one either. I had given up hope of ever finding this swingpak, I can't even find it on ebay. I borrowed this picture of it, but as I said, mine is black. :yahoo:



Jun 6, 2007
That is one of the only swingpacks I've ever really loved, and I bet the black is gorgeous! Congrats on the great bag!


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Feb 26, 2008
Congrats!!!! It is a beautiful swingpack and you're definitely right about the handle not getting as dirty as the white would!!