Found New Gerard Darel Styles Online...

  1. I see shoprumour has several styles of GD now. Prices gone way up; 595 to over 800!
  2. I've noticed the same here in the UK. I have my eye on the Sydney but it costs £499 here, which is the same price for a Mulberry Bayswater!
  3. Wow!! I've been eyeing a GD for a while (I believe it's called 24 Hours?) but haven't found anywhere to buy it online. Is the markup bc it's a reseller, or due to the normal price increase on items?? I don't see myself paying so much for one of his bags.
  4. --according to the webste, bagshop indicates they will have the 24 hrs (I think it is that style, you should go take a look, I am not up on the style names) sometime in the Fall.
  5. That much of a price hike is crazy!
  6. Wow, that is such a price hike. I just got the same 24 hours with pockets in skin from Balisimo 2 weeks ago for $420. I was told by owner of Balisimo that price will go up soon but not sure if it's going to be the same amount of price increase with Balisimo.
  7. What is this Balisimo of which you speak? Pockets? You got the Havana 24h with pockets? I think I'm having a heart attack. Tell me, tell me!!! :flowers: please, do you have pictures and information?
  8. Balissimo is a boutique in Redondo Beach, CA. 310-543-5540. The bag with the pockets she has is the same bag you can see here:

    I don't know anyone who has Charlotte 24's available right now. Balissimo and are both expecting to get more in the fall (Aug/Sept) and at a higher price than currently.
  9. Pseub, do you know if Balissimo will accept deposit now and sell the new stock the current price when they arrive?
  10. I paid just under $600.00 in Paris in April for mine (before VAT).
    new stuff 6.jpg new stuff  sized 016.jpg new stuff 8.jpg
  11. :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf:

    how the heck am I suppose to pay for these now?
  12. Has the one you ordered from Harrah's shown up yet? and I know, really! The price seems a bit inflated.
  13. I just ordered the G. Darel fringe bag from (free ship/no tax) and used coupon code toutie for 25% off. If I don't love it at least I'm only out the expense of returning it. :wlae: queentvictoria2 this is all your fault!! ;)
  14. ^^^ :true:

  15. Screw it - if i'm going to spend $800.00 - i'll just get another Balenciaga bag.