Found my unicorn!

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  1. I have been on the hunt for a JUC with the old closure after selling and sizing down my Cartier pieces.

    I’m really picky when it comes buying secondhand and prefer to purchase new but in this case I didn’t have another option.

    After a not so great experience with The Real Real, I had pretty much ruled out finding the JUC and was worried about the possibility of purchasing a fake.

    Fast forward a few months- I stumble upon Brilliance Jewels which is based out of the Four Seasons in Miami. Sophia helped find the most perfect JUC in pink gold. It has the old closure and is in pristine condition. Love the subtle contrast with my yg loves.

    Wouldn’t hesitate purchasing from them again and had to share!
    566915BA-CD1A-4A7B-8AEF-4C5F97FDCE86.jpeg A561DF14-A032-4E05-99F5-E7602EC7A69E.jpeg

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  2. Glad you found your unicorn. It looks beautiful on you!
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  3. Lovely, enjoy!
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