Found my stolen Hermes bracelets on Ebay!

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    The week of Thanksgiving, our home was broken into. They took all of my jewelry among other things like music equipment. (They tried to take the TV but it was mounted!) I've been looking at a few pawn shops for my things and set some alerts on Ebay. Today I found my three Hermes bracelets and noticed some of my earrings were sold in a separate lot along with a ring.

    Have any of you ever recovered your stolen items before? If so, what was the process like?

    EDIT: I removed the item numbers and links so I don't risk the seller taking my items down. I'll repost later this week if the police don't step in to help quickly.
  2. Best of luck! I hope you get your items back! :flowers:
  3. Ditto! Let us know what happens.
  4. Sorry this has happened. Fingers crossed for you
  5. Call ebay, give them the seller ID, item number and ask them where you can fax or send copies of your police reports with the documentation of your stolen items.

    Is the seller located in your area? Are all the items being sold by the same seller?
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  6. Thanks for responding. Yes, the seller is in my same city!!! All my items are being sold by the same seller. Ebay notes that only police can contact them about stolen property so I am working through that process now. I don't want to spook the seller and they take the items down, so I'm trying to just monitor the listing and wait for the police to respond. The police officer told me if the detective on the case doesn't move fast enough my best option is just to try to buy back my items.
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  7. Some jewelry belonging to a now deceased relative was stolen and several of the items showed up on ebay. This happened about 10 years ago but if I recall, the auction was taken down before we could move to buy the items back. The thief/seller got nervous and (I think) ended up going to a pawn shop. In any case, the thief was caught and prosecuted but the items were never recovered. :sad:
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  8. To anyone reading this,and the OP, if you know the name of the seller, please do not put any of their items on a watch list or even open the specific listings. If they see a lot of activity, that may raise a red flag to them also. Do the police have photos of the items? If so, they may get EBay moving faster. This just makes me so angry.
  9. I would delete this thread. Why let the thieves know that you're aware of their Ebay listings? They may well be monitoring TPF.
  10. Do the items have a BIN? Someone needs to buy them. Then they get the sellers contact info. Good luck.
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  11. Weird advice because then the thief knows your shipping address and that he/she broke into this same address.
  12. I think @caannie meant for someone else to buy one of the items to obtain the thief's/seller's shipping address. Although that is assuming the thief/seller has used their correct credentials to register on eBay.
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  13. True because it gives the seller a heads up that the victim is on to her.
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  14. Thanks! That's what I meant, have someone BIN it. Lol
  15. I do agree that this thread should probably be deleted to avoid the seller getting any ideas. I wonder if any of the seller's other items, past or present, are stolen.

    Another thought--BIN the items then file a SNAD or something. Ebay seems to always side with the buyer.

    Good luck!