Found my holy grail.... Rainbow iridescent purple boy.... but...

Jul 3, 2015
I was able to get the bag brand new when it was released... but my best friend and husband disliked it and said that it was tacky. 4 years later, I found myself wanting the same bag and my husband is giving in. The price has skyrocketed since and I could not bring myself to pay 2k more than what I was offered 4 years ago at the boutique.
Well.... I am giving birth in a couple of days and I found my holy grail going for less than 4k. It looks pretty good to me but the interior is a bit worn and there's some damage on the corner. Can these damage be fix? I am just worried that it can not be fixed becuase the color might be hard to match. What's your experience with repairing unique color goal skin bag?



Jun 11, 2014
Congrats on you new bag! Send a picture to the leather surgeons. Mr. Gallagher will be able to tell you if he can repair the corners. Its worth a try. I have two bags that were repaired by the leather surgeons and I am very please with the results.


Feb 15, 2020
Little Red Dot
Such a pretty piece! Congrats!

The interior can easily be fixed. The irridesent outer. Maybe only leather surgeons will be able to fix it. I'm not based in the states so I'm not too sure. If I were, I would give irridesent pieces a go since I love them. Especially the pink. And I'm not a pink lover