Found my Holiday Gold

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  1. Got my new gold slingbacks for the holiday party! What do you think of them?

    I think they were SUCH a lucky find!


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  2. very pretty.:yes:
  3. Nice!
  4. oh they're to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooooooooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!! lucky girl, you ;)
  5. They're killer pointy!
  6. Very nice. You got nice legs too (if they are your legs).
  7. Those are HIGH!!!!!

    Love the pale gold colour and the high stiletto heel! That's one hot you already have a dress to go with them?
  8. Very pretty and perfect for the holidays! What brand are they?
  9. Very nice!!
    I envy the ladies who can wlak on such high heels. I can't walk on such high heels without falling flat on my face:weird:.

    How do you do ladies do that?? Have you been walking on heels since kinder garten maybe??:lol: My shoes go up to 5 cm..and no higher than that.:sweatdrop: So I guess, Manolo and Jimmy are a big NO NO for me....:sad:
  10. Walking in high heels is just like a lot of other things in life - it just takes a little practice to do it right. I think it's a good idea to start slow and do it at home first. You should just get a little higher heel - say 7cm and work up from there. Don't be impatient - anything worth doing is worth a little extra time. Before you know it - you'll be on 10cm heels everyday.

    Most of my heels are 4 inches or more and I dont have any problems anymore.

  11. I would love to it...but really....I can't do that. First of all ..on workdays I just have to wear sneakers or flatshoes..(i'm a teacher ages 4-6) And i'm so used to that comfort that any shoe other than flats, just are big pain!!:crybaby:
    I have some heels higher than 5 cm...but those or for my party's where I know I'll be sitting most of the time. Party shoes go up to 5cm...I like to dance Salsa, and on nice high heels it's just more sensual that on 5 cm...SO i'll take your advice and I'll start by cleaning my home on these heels...( me. . :sweatdrop: :upsidedown: )
  12. Gorgeous shoes!
  13. Very cute.
  14. very nice!!! congrats!