Found my grail scarf... now i need help with which colorway

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  1. Today i went to my local Hermes store in search of the pavement scarf . They did not have it in store but my lovely SA offered to call around Europe to search for it. 2 hours later i got a call and my SA found 2 pavements scarves:yahoo:. One is in beige and brown and the other in black, biege, and brown. Now i need help which one should i get.

    Please post pics if anyone has the black/biege/brown colorway i have not seen it.thanks
  2. i have the pavements in the beige and brown colorway and it's stunning. truly. i love that it's light but has gold in it. what a fantastic find!
  3. Wow! You're very fortunate. Any way you can get both CWs?
  4. It is indeed absolutely gorgeous!
  5. I love the pavements scarves too.
  6. The SA's and the manager in the Bern Hermes are super helpful. They really try to make their customers happy. They also have a huge selection which is nice.

    Hermesgroupie i would love to get both of them but i am currently in tight budget since i am saving up for a fur coat. Sadly i can only get one:sad:
  7. Great score!!!!! Let's see if I have a pic I can download for you...........ok, here's one. It's to the right of the picture and it's the black border - HTH's!!!!
  8. I have the black cw too. It's my own personal favorite
  9. omg shopmom that black is FABULOUS. eek!
  10. I decided to get the black cw... i fell in love:love: with it the moment i saw it in pic shopmom posted.

    Thank you everyone who helped me decide ! I will post pics when i get it... i hope the wait will not be to long .
  11. Congrats!!!
  12. Lucky you!
  13. I love the staff in the Bern store, too. As you said, very helpful and they really do try to please. I need to pay them a visit now that they've reopened :yes:

    I can't wait to see modeling pics of it ;).