Found my DREAM LV, but now I have a dilemma...advice please!!!

  1. I haven't posted in the LV subforum in a long, long time, because I've been quietly searching for my HG over the past year. The search was not working out until a few days ago I got a message from a super sweet PFer, the lovely Irene (H_Addict) :heart:, informing me that my dream bag was on eBay!!! I was so excited I could barely breathe, but I managed to click the BIN button and finally picked up my HG LV bag...the black Mizi Vienna!!! YAY!!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    So what's the dilemma you ask? Well, I need to figure out how to fund this purchase! :push: Something has to go and I've decided it's going to be one of my other LV's. So essentially my options are:

    LV Special Order Mono Ribera Mini


    LV Manhattan PM

    Both bags are so different, I'm not sure which one to let go of! On the one hand, the mono ribera is really classy and adorable all at the same time, and it's a SO piece. On the other hand, I've been in love with the Manhattan PM since I saw Uma Thurman's ad. I really love both of them!!! :sad:

    What do you ladies think - which bag would you let go of??? TIA!!!!!!!!!!!! :flowers:
  2. manhattan you can buy it again later straight from store no need to special order etc
  3. tough call -- which will you miss most? the hudson you could get at another time though so i would probably say bye, bye to that one. good luck!!
  4. I would sell the manhattan as you won't get your full amount back for the special order item.
  5. Wow, you ladies are quick!! :nuts:

    Label Addict and lv lover steph, you both make a good point in that I could easily buy the Manhattan again later, but I forgot to mention that I bought it at a really great price and I'm not sure I could ever get that again...kwim? :girlsigh:

    LVobsessed415 - The problem is, I don't think I'd be able to get all my money back for either of the bags...?
  6. You probably won't be able to get your full amount back if your bags aren't in completely unused condition (which it sounds like is the case), so I'd go with selling the manhattan (unless you love that bag much more)- like the above posters have said, you can easily replace it.
  7. Sell the manhattan pm.
  8. you'll most likely get better value on the manhattan than the special order as it's popular bag, you may not get what you paid but you should still have a good sale price
  9. LV Manhattan PM.
  10. I'd sell the manhattan pm
  11. Manhattan PM. I think there will be a larger market interested in that bag.
  12. I would sell the Manhattan PM.
  13. manhattan, no question.
  14. I'd sell the manhattan since you can repurchase it later.
  15. I would sell the Manhattan because you can always find another one easily. I see them go on eBay for really good prices sometimes.
    However if you love the Manhattan the most...maybe the Ribera. But not too sure how easy that one will be to buy back later.