Found: My Bag for Spring!!

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  1. Early this week, I had the issue with the BV ball bag and the pen mark--so disappointed.... Then I tracked down a MJ Stam in Taupe, but the color just wasn't doing anything for me. And I decided the Fendi B. Bag wasn't something I was in love with...

    My mom was in town today, so we went shopping. Looking for THE purse... It's early for Spring merchandise, so I didn't want to just get something to get something. But I found something that I love!

    I went to Burberry--normally not a "huge" fan since the Novacheck's been knocked off so much. Anyways, I found this bag--sooo in love. It's funky and classy at the same time--at least to me. And it's not a common purse, supposedly each store only got 1-2. I need to find my camera battery to post a pic, but here's one from the runway

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  2. I LOVE it!! :love:
  3. You surely did!! :biggrin:
    where are those cam batteries!! Cant wait to see the pics!! :nuts:
  4. very pretty! congrats! =)
  5. I love it!! Love Burberry's newest style. Btw, how much is this one?
  6. Found the battery! Sorry about the "tacky" white towel as the background, but figured that was the best way to show off the colors....

    The bag was $1295--but I think it's worth it since it's from the Burberry Prorsum line and is very well constructed.

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  7. wow first thing that came to mind for me when i saw this bag, "goth schoolgirl." i like it though. it's very edgy.
  8. Wow! I'm not a huge fan of the Novacheck either but that is a great rendition of it!
  9. I couldn't help but smile at your description. It sorta makes sense for me. This purse is like how I'll wear my boring black lawyer suits with fishnet hose and patent black heels...
  10. as paris hilton would say, "that's hot!"
  11. Cute!
  12. ooo cute! I saw a stock picture of this before but your pics bring it to life :biggrin:
  13. wow!!
    lucky you!!
  14. I really like the size!!!
  15. Nice choice! Congrats :biggrin: