Found my Andrea Brueckner on sale!

  1. this website is having a sale 30% off on Andrea Brueckner and others till 12/31 - free ground shipping - Got the medium black saddle I've been coveting! Have my bag itch under control now for a while (I hope). Spoke to owner, she is here in Florida and is an authorized dealer for Brueckner.
  2. Very nice, congrats on the deal and buy ! ;)
  3. I'm glad you found what you were looking for. Enjoy!
  4. Thanks for sharing my pleasure!!
  5. Very cute! I kinda want one too. Will you let us know how you like it, and if it looks as good in person? Anyways, congrats!
  6. I am so excited to see it - I'll definitly let you know!!! I guess you don't have to drop a grand on a bag to get "the rush". Nice to know.