Found my Amethyst HG in Las Vegas..


May 11, 2008
Toronto, ON
OMG..... OMG .... OMG :yahoo:

I can't believe I'm the proud owner of a brand new amethyst day GSH..
My DH and I just came back from a week on Vegas celebrating our 11th anniversary (P.S. I got married when I was 18 ;) )...
I visited Barney's there to check out the new Balenciaga colors.. and I must say they looked pretty stunning.. I loved the raisin and the lighter gray one (I'm not sure what the official color name is).. I didn't buy anything 'cause I wasn't planning on making any major purchase in this trip since we spent tons on the hotel, shows, and food...

Anyways, we were walking around the forum shops at Caesar's Palace and I was thrilled to see a Balenciaga store there... I have never been to a Balenciaga store and I thought I must go check it out..

I went in and the SA showed me the new color samples and told me that they have all the styles in these colors.. I have been dieing to get a Day bag in giant hardware for a while... I was just waiting for the perfect color..
After I've done some research, I found out that I would love to have a magenta or an amethyst day.. But I knew that will never happen since they were gone gone gone.. I have been checking ebay regularly but I'm really not into buying used bags... plus.. they are so damn rare to show up.. and even if they do.. the price is rediculous.. So I kinda accepted the fact that it won't happen until Balenciaga release a similar color...

Anyways, I asked the SA to get me a day in Raisin to try it was a lovely deep color but it kinda dark and I really want a bright BBag color..
So I told the SA my story about how I'm dieing to get an amythest... She told me: ya.. that was one of the best selling colors and really hard to find in a new condition... I told her I do love the Raisin but I really like some bright color.. She told me to hold on and she went to the back to check..
A few minutes later................. There she was... holding my HG.. a 2008 Amethyst GSH Day.. I was gonna die.... I could not believe my eyes...

Sorry for the long post ladies but I am soo excited about this..

And now.. ladies and gentlement... Introducing brand new... 2008 Amethyst Day in GSH..



balenciaga :)
Dec 21, 2007
Congrats on your anniversary! Hope you had lots of fun in LV! Congrats on your new Day -- Amethyst is a gorgeous pop of color & the silver hardware looks fab, enjoy!


May 9, 2008
This is one of my favorite combos! What a lucky girl you are! Congrats on the bag and of course, on your anniversary too.


Nov 30, 2008
That's a beautiful bag! I got drawn into Bal bags because of Amethyst & I'm like you I don't like the idea of used bags. Hope I have a great story like yours one day :smile: Congratulations on your anniversary and the great find!