found Maxene boots, yay!

  1. I bought Maxene boots!!!! I actually tracked them down! Yay!
    Not in my first color choice, which would have been clay. There werent any left in the country. I called "JAX" and they had some a few whiskeys in stock, but wouldnt give them to me for the sale price. They gave me 2 numbers of boutiques that had them, but told me it was unlikely they'd be willing to ship to me. I called a Coach boutique in Indianapolis, and the SA was so kind as to take my order and ship it! Yay! I cant wait til they come in.
    Can someone who has these boots attest to their comfort? Do they fit true to size? I really hope they fit, b/c I doubt I'll be able to track down another size! Thanks girls!
  2. Well I just searched and found that the "boot fit" topic has already been addressed today. Sorry for the repeat!
  3. Congrats!
  4. Congrats.... must see modeling pics when you get them.... they are gorgeous!
  5. my store has every color and still has a lot of pairs left!!! i love them they fit awesome and are super comfy
  6. I am still trying to decide if I should buy them. I want them badly, but I never wear heels and really am short on money after the holidays. :sad:

    sigh. Decisions, decisions.

    I always think I can live without them until I see another post about them... and then I want them desperately again!

  7. Where is your store? I wanted the clay paor, but JAX told me there were none out there. :confused1:
  8. Those are sweet boots! Can't wait to see modeling pix, either!
  9. Columbus Circle in NYC 212-581-4115
  10. I was able to find a pair of Clay in size 8 at the San Francisco store. They are shipping to me (in Maine!) and they gave me the discount. I didn't get free shipping, but no big deal! I was super psyched to find them in clay and in my size and with the discount!

    P.S. Katrynar was a super sweetie and a huge help to me this morning!! I called her store but they said they were out of my size!! If I couldn't find clay i was going to get black because they looked amazing on her!
  11. how much were they with the discount?
  12. $186 I think. Plus I had to pay my state tax of 5% and shipping of $10.
  13. really? I just bought them yesterday for $249 from a store in NJ! I better call them back!
    i just called, the coach store said that the coach stores are selling them at $249, but the Macys or Bloomies might have them cheaper.
  14. Sounds like you did not get the PCE discount! Definately call to see if they can honor that! Some stores won't honor PCE over the phone though. my store always does, the first in Costa Mesa, CA that I called this morning looking for the Maxene's would not honor it over the phone, but the store in San Fran. did! It's so random. Definately call to check though!
    Did you get clay?
  15. I did get clay. I love it and can't wait to get it. I have so much stuff to wear with it.

    by the way, what is PCE??? - nevermind, preferred customer event. got it! I'll call back now.