FOUND!! Luxe Black Med. leather bowler

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  1. Hey girls, I have a question...just found another black luxe leather bowler medium, and I just got the same bag last month, should I buy another one and sell it on ebay and try to make some profit? Or should I keep it and have two of the same bag? Help!!
  2. how about letting someone else who wants it buy it?
  3. hmmmm.....the above sounds nice - but I guess it is up to what you want to do......
  4. I want it.
  5. i want it too, but why on earth would u want the same bag ? i mean understandable if it was SIMILAR but same? i dont think so
  6. Having two of the exact same bag - not sure what purpose that would serve. I have a bunch of the same type of bags, but not the same exact bag. :smile: Maybe let someone else get it, I don't know... the luxe bowler's I see on ebay aren't selling at a premium (priced at $2600, but unsold for a while, etc.), so it's not even a sure thing that you would make a profit ( ebay fees should be considered, etc.) if you were to buy it solely for the purpose of reselling it.
  7. I would never have 2 exact same bags {meaning same color, and exact same bag},
    Don't buy it, let someone else.
  8. ?!?! two of the exact SAME bag? Please don't... i know many other girls who are still after this bag, let them get it instead.
  9. ^^ Hehe, like ME!!! I have been searching for this for months now. LOL. But seriously, I wouldn't buy 2 exact same bags, and with the Ebay fees plus the risk involved, you wouldn't make much profits buying it to Ebay.
  10. list it on ebay and i'll buy it if the price is right :P