Found it! Yea!

  1. I was on the waitlist for a jaune first, though no one ever called me. Then I read in the shopping section (I think) that they have scrapped the first in jaune. Well, the more I though about it, the more I wanted one, in the city size.

    I had no idea if any were out there, my NM didn't have any nor was my SA able to track one down for me. So on a lark I decided to call BalNY. I've only had one encounter with them, and I didn't exactly love the SA I spoke with on the phone the first time, so I was hesitant to call them, but I did.

    I spoke with someone named Leslie (who answered the phone) and she told me that they did have a jaune city with sgh, so I bought it. I just got it today and LOVE LOVE LOVE this color IRL:nuts:. It was very dreary and rainy here earlier today, so I took the bag out for lunch with friends, and it was quite the head turner!:graucho:

    Here's my new cutie>



    Here's my new Chanel necklace that matches with it perfectly!


  2. Yummy! Certainly a bag that will brighten your day!
  3. Love it! ......and your Chanel necklace. I really like juane with SGH.

  4. Looove them!! The leather looks fantastic!! :tup:
    I was looking for a necklace like that, would you mind sharing where you found it and how much it was? Thank you and CONGRATS!!! :yes:
  5. Oh I love them both!!!! Such a yummy color!
  6. What a beautiful find!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. South-of-France, I got the necklace at Chanel, it cost $650. My SA ordered it from a boutique in Hawaii for me, I think that Hawaii had one more in stock.

    The style number for this necklace is: 07A A35440Y94357

    The number for the Hawaii Chanel boutique is: 808-942-5555

    And thanks girls for all your nice compliments! I am soooooooo loving this bag!:yahoo:
  8. Congrats!
  9. Love the bag - so bright and beautiful!
  10. It is a headturner! Congratsss!!
  11. GORGEOUS!!:yahoo:I'm so glad you found one, Jaune is such an unusual color with so much depth. I think it's one of the best colors they have ever done.
  12. congrats...the necklace will look great with it!!!
  13. oooh, both are lovely!
  14. wow, both are gorgeous!
  15. Wow, gorgeous color and yummy leather. You definitely scored! I love the Chanel necklace with it. No way you can be dreary with all of that sunshine:tup: