Found hole in shirt can I return?

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  1. I recently bought a Splendid hoodie at Sak's Fifth Avenue. I wore it one day to class and after doing my laundry I realized there is a half penny sized hole in the back. I am guessing it was already there because I put it on early in the morning and wasn't paying attention but now I don't know what to do because I can't wear it anymore and it cost me $81.

    Does anyone have any experience with returning damaged merchandise or what I should do? I think I already threw away the tag since I didn't notice the damage but I have the receipt. I know it doesn't sound like that much money but since I got to wear it once (and it probably had the whole in it then!) I am feeling kind of ripped off.
  2. Absolutely return it! If you have the receipt it's worth trying....I know I would
  3. i think that they should take it back....the hole COULD be from the security tag. Security tags should be placed in the seams and if its not, it can make a hole in the clothes...that MIGHT be the source of your hole? because if that is what it is, it is their fault and they should at least give you an exchange at least!

    i remember i bought a thin white DKNY shirt from Aritzia...back when i was in high school and as i was cutting of the tag, i saw the hole. I returned it and they said that because the tag is no longer attached on the clothes, they have no proof that it wasnt ME that caused the hole, but they did give me an exchange.
  4. I'd be more than happy with an exchange- I love the shirt and just want to be able to wear it. I looked at it again and I think it does look like the security tag caused the problem or something similar. It doesn't look like it snagged on something or anything like that, it looks like there is a distinct hole from where something was or a cut. I am pretty sure at Nordstrom it wouldn't be a problem but I bought it at Sak's and I'm not that familiar with their return policy.
  5. Definitely- I've found Saks to be very accomodating when returning defective merchandise.