Found Gryson's Molly and Jessie at Nordstrom Rack

  1. After reading some posts, I took the time to call the NR stores and inquire what they had of Gryson. Most of the SAs were clueless about the brand including the locations mentioned in other posts but most of those that took the time to look for me did find a couple. I bought four (call me crazy!) but they are insanely cheap. I am told that they are a bit scratched but leather conditioner should do the trick. I found Mollies ($170) and Jessies ($185). I bought the Sophies that I found. I couldn't find any Heidis as mentioned in other posts. If you are one of those who bought a Heidi, please let me know where. If you are interested in the NR locations, let me know and I will share. Oh, and some of them have Marc Jacobs, too. They will do a charge send for $8.95 shipping.
  2. I bought a heidi @ NR in canoga park, Ca. But it was the only that day but they may have put out more they're known for holding out!! Which Marc's did you see???
  3. I got a Heidi at NR South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa). I am probably going to return mine since I am afraid I'll get the white purse dirty. It's gorgeous and such a steal, though!

  4. I bought my purses in Oregon and having them shipped to Texas. Cheryl, the SA who was helping me, said she had two MJ. One was a berry colored multipocket for something like $355 and I couldn't tell what the other one was based on her description but I think it was baby blue.
  5. Can you take pics of your bag and post it? If you do return it, could you let me know when? Maybe I can try to grab it! :rolleyes:
  6. I'm not sure if they are still there, but I saw both a black and a white Heidi at the NR Meadows Marketplace in Colorado.
  7. I just called them and they still have both. She said there was a pen mark on the white bag but the black one looked great. I put the black one on hold. I am kind of going overboard with all the Grysons. Thanks for your help.
  8. Which one in Oregon? I'm interested in the berry MJ.

  9. Nordstrom Rack at Clackamas Promenade (#22)
    8930 SE Sunnyside Road
    Clackamas, OR 97015
    (503) 654-5415

    Ask for Cheryl or Dawn. They are super nice and extremely helpful. I also saw the berry colored MJ multipocket at Neiman Marcus Last Call in Grapevine, TX, too. They had it in pewter, gold, pink, and berry. The metallic colors were the most expensive and the berry was the least expensive. The berry looked a bit worn compared to the other multipockets. I also saw a Blake and some other styles. The number of that Last Call is:

    3000 Grapevine Mills Pkwy #233
    Grapevine, TX 76051

    I bought the MJ multipocket in spearmint. I love it!
  10. Sorry, I couldn't take pictures, but it is now returned at the NR at South Coast. They also had a black Heidi, but it wasn't as in as good a condition as the white one, but it still looked great.

  11. They had 2 heidi's (black and white), a couple sophies (blue and black), and one ava (blue) at the NR in Brea, CA this weekend - also a couple Moni totes in green and red (these were a bit scratched). $199
    I got the sophie in blue - it is gorgeous and such nice leather! What a steal.
  12. I just scored a jesse and an amanda at NR Brea!