Found: Comfort shoes!!

  1. Ok, so there are days when I just want to walk around barefoot to give my feet a break..I normally resort to flip flops and went "comfy" shoes shopping earlier and I spotted these--Melissa!!!

    I'm so inlove with these that I immediately got 3 pairs! I posted pics of the 3 styles that I got (thanks to Flair in the City for the pics). I chatted with the SA and did some net surfing..these shoes are made of a special material called Melflex that follow the contour of your feet so there won't be any blisters or rubbing against the material and very, very flexible. They're stylish and colorful (which I love!!:heart:) And last but not the least, they smell good! Like candies!:graucho: SA guarantee smell won't go away..I've yet to put that to the test!:supacool:

    Has anyone tried these yet? I'm definitely a Melissa convert now!:yahoo:
    desiretriton.jpg NightLorenzoMerlino.jpg sin.jpg
  2. i like the colors.. I wanna try it!