found another vintage chanel :p

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  1. i love the style a lot! it's not usually my taste (that means it's not HUGE lol)
    but i just like the shape and all :smile:
    i've seen similar style on eBay once in a while
    i guess this bag is really old or really used by the prev. owner :p the leather outside is still pretty, not really too worn out but the inside is pretty bad that the prev owner have changed the lining in ordinary leather repairer because we still don't have a chanel store here, it'll open in the end of the year or early next year :sad:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Cute sea! I love the tassle!
  3. seahorseinstripes: acks! no boutique? where are you at? i am curious hehe if you don't mind me asking. cute bag by the way! looks a little like the sharpei tote but without the quilting and wrinkles!
  4. i'm in indonesia LOL we have hermes, LV, burberry, dior, cavalli and all for years but still no chanel.
    well, they are opening soon though, i kept on passing the store location and the still covered them with chanel logo and a few chanel bags in display, but still no sigh of opening arggghhhh
    sometimes i feel like bringing a brick and smash it to the glass display, leaving my name card and took the bag :roflmfao:
  5. ^ LOL!! you're too cute! you could always come to Singapore? we'll be having a local Chanel lovers tpf meet soon!! probably on the 8th next month... hehe are you in jakarta?? ;)
  6. ha ha ha i just turn down a vacation with my friends to thailand because i prefer to uy the LV murakami neverfull, i don't think i can go to spore :sad:
    and i have the 8th and 9th t spend with my bf, we're going to some place together to make up for our quality time :p
    yeah i'm in jakarta. this city is EVILLLL lol, when i work in bali i never think about bag and shopping, but when i'm back to jakarta, it's all i do ha ha ha
    i love my evil city ha ha ha
  7. Congrats seahorseinstripes, the leather looks so yummylicious! It looks awesome on you too!:tup:
  8. Cute Seahorseinstripes, reminds me of a vintage cabas! Congrats!
  9. looks good on you
  10. Great bag! Congrats.
  11. congrats on your great find! looks fab on you!
  12. Cute shape! Yeah, we too don't have Chanel here, or any other boutiques. Closest is Singapore.
  13. seahorse : That's a rare find! It's freaking beautiful, i love vintage chanel's a keeper! U look great on her~~Anyway, u always have great taste. However, i'm still not ready to purchase a LV neverfull murakami above retail price, hopefull can find one which is not too high...sigh!

    If u can come by to s'pore next mth, then it will be great to have a TPF get-together session. If not, next time perhaps when there is chance.
  14. Great great buy, love love it !!:heart::tup: You have just a great taste !
    Congrats on you new purchase !!
  15. thank u all girls :smile: