Found another Mulberry Stockist - and can you name this Mulberry?

May 7, 2007
:smile::smile:Oh AliB I am so pleased, I was hoping that my guess was right.

Its a lovely bag, great shape (not that mine has ever been out of its dustbag since I bought it of course):nuts:.

I got mine from Bicester in Feb 2007 and I think it was AW06 season (Ill check the tag - either in my tag box...............or more likely still on the bag).

Ive never seen another one in Chalk but I have seen them in Choc & Pink on Ebay. BUT its the same season as the Marylebone & its ilk and I have seen those at outlets recently so there is hope.

I know the Retail price was £599 which, to be honest, I thought was high for a not particularly complicated/tailored bag ie same price as the Emmy which has "an awful lot going on"!

On word of warning - I have seen "Bloomsbury" bags on the dreadful chinese fake site ??eurohandbags?? so do be careful.

Let me know if you want me to do pics of my bag & email them to you.

Love Ells xx
Thanks for this info. There is no rush for this bag now that I know what it is - all good things come to those that wait heh!!!:P and besides, there are more 'urgent' things on my wishlist at the moment that I CAN FIND!

I'll just keep my eyes open (and keep some money available! ha!).