Found and bought gold distressed Mat le Marais!

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  1. Well, I did it again, I hope I made right choice! The Gold Chanel in Neiman Christmas book that was sold out: I found one! I found, I bought!:shocked:

    I was very tempted to get the new Chanel that looks like it has silver squares all over it like mirrors, but SA told me in her opinion it was "faddish: and "plastic", and she felt the gold Mat le Marais was utterly elegant. The mirror like one was flash and dash, but...I have seen much cheaper similar bags in chain stores with the same type of mirrored metallic squares, pailettes, etc. so, I went for the gold!

    Very subtle, with silvery undertones, flecks of metallic black, and silver hardware, very classic lines,....opinions, anyone?:confused1: I confess to likeing glamorous, but SA felt mirrored one was more flashy/cheap than glamorous, although it caught people's eyes in the display case.
    I promise promise to put pictures of my Chanels on site, my printer is broken, I have to scan (or send ) photos to my laptop and adjust photos and make sure they come out looking true to the purses. I really promise! :tup:Working on it this weekend, gals!By the way, you gals have always steered me right when I asked for advice! Did I make the right choice?
  2. modeling piccies please! you definitely make the right choice, she's a rare find! enjoy her ;)
  3. I have the same bag - I love it. The colour is so unusual and gives a modern look. Also, it's very durable so I am not afraid to place it on the floor or use it at places I wouldn't take a pale lambskin.
  4. Thanks so much for you feedback! :smile: Sometimes it is so difficult to know if you're making the right choice..unless you buy out the store!:lol: And there are actually Chanels I would never want or wear! I promised I would get pics on bag I had shipped so won't have it for about a week or so, but then I will snap a shot!
  5. Thanks to you, too, for your :tup: I honestly was paralyzed for a few minutes, thinking, go for the glitz?, or the classy classic!:lol:
  6. I have the Les Marias too and love it. I love the variations in the gold leather and it's so easy to carry, goes with anything. You made a great choice :tup:
  7. post some pics
  8. I liked that bag as well... but my hubby doesn't...
  9. Congrats! I can't wait to see some picsss...:yes: