Found an Edith

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  1. Hey Guys, I was doing my normal surfing the shops today and found a whiskey edith on NM. I swooped it up. Has anyone else seen one there recently...I couldn't believe it!!:amazed:
  2. Ginger, you are moving your Chloe collection right along! How are you liking the Paddy? Congrats on the Edith! You will love her too! And the whiskey colors are very different between the two bags.
  3. Good job! Can't wait to hear about your new Edith when it arrives. I've only seen the Edith at the StyleDrops website.
  4. I swooped one last week and it arrived today! Great job for acting quick! Must post pics when it comes in, please!! :smile:
  5. I was really enjoying the Paddington,....but,... my child came home for Easter and she loved it. [this is the girl who didn't care for bags] Soooo...the Paddington went back with her. Smile, I didn't mind; I'm happy to share with her.:love:
  6. Will do!!!;)
  7. Wow, Ginger! I'm glad you swooped it up! I hope you love it as much as we all do!
  8. yay, ginger, that is so lucky! i'm very happy for you. and i think it is wonderful that you gave you daugther your paddington; a very sweet story!
  9. You were lucky! Usually when they are on the site the quantity is seriously limited, like one or two. Hope you love it as much as we love ours!!
  10. Wonderful - I hope you love your Edith as much as I do mine!
  11. very nice! enjoy!
  12. awww you will love it! I can get mine on my shoulder now too..
  13. Congrats!!! I'm waiting on my chamois edith to come right now and I can't wait... but in the meanwhile I'm still showing off my whiskey paddy everyday so it's ok... ;)
  14. MissBradshaw (cute) that Carrie's closet in your avatar?
  15. She came's a pic...nice and slouchy. Love it!!:love: :love: