Found an EB City at Nordies....HW question.

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Which EB City??

  1. RH

  2. GGH

  3. GSH

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. My WONDERFUL Nordstrom SA has an EB with GSH on hold for me. What is your personal fave for the EB City??


  2. I only like GSH on all my b bags, but on blue I just really think silver looks better, JMO.
  3. Silver...hands down!
  4. Definitely SGH!!
  5. silver!
  6. I like RH!
  7. I'm a RH kinda gal. :yes:
  8. silver giant hardware looks great on the EB, i'm a big fan of this perfect combination, but still have to save up before i get a SGH bag, they are more expensive. so if you have the $$$$$, i say GO GO GO for it.
  9. I'll be the oddball out...I kind of like the GGH :smile:
  10. i'm an RH person myself
  11. i voted for GSH. I love it with EB
  12. Gsh!
  13. I thought maybe some pics would help! I don't think you'll go wrong either way, but here are pics of both versions. Good luck with your decision!
    eb rh 2.jpg eb gsh3.jpg
  14. In case I haven't mentioned this 10 times already today...I :heart::heart::heart:EB!!!
  15. GGH.. it really makes the color pop..