found a white reissue 227

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  1. priced at $2095, very tempted, but not sure about the size. ideally i'd love to have the 226. but i think that's nearly impossible to find now, any reissue in that size....hmmmmm......
  2. I know what you mean. I personally think the 227 is too large for me, although it is still a stunning bag.
  3. I love the 227 size, and at that price I would probably go for it.
  4. that is the price for the 227 size.
  5. Is that about the size of the classic jumbo flap? Pretty good price there!
  6. Great price, white is very elegant.
  7. yep, it's the same size as the jumbo. the old price seems so reasonable now.
  8. Seems like most Chanels are hitting the 2k mark, and they don't necessary have the classic look anymore. This reissue not only look hot, but classic too! I would definitely bring it home with me. You should really take that into consideration.....gosh, all the sudden I feel like a little red devil whispering into your ears to ..:devil:
  9. WoW! That's LOW! 2095! But the question is.. If it doesn't look good on you since you mentioned that you like the 226 better, will it be worth it? It's better if you take a look at it IRL so that you will know if 227 suits you or not.