found a treasure and a little reveal for 2013...

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  1. i was looking for a dress at my mom's closet and something caught my attention:wtf: (it's not the dress that i'm looking for, still looking for it) and it's a TREASURE from my mom's closet... WHO'S HERE FOR A TREASURE REVEAL?:queen:
  2. Here!
  3. Me!!!!
  4. Yeah!!!
  5. I'm here!!!!
  6. Here!!
  7. What'd you find???
  8. taaaaadaaaaaa......
  9. Great find. Is she going to let you borrow it?
  10. What a great treasure! Congrats! :smile:
  11. Nice!!!
  12. [​IMG]

    the small treasure (my SA ordered new zipper pull for this little treasure)...


    the bigger treasure (my SA told me this needs to travel in Hong Kong to see the LV doctor)....

  13. mom gave it to me.:blush: it needs repair though.
  14. you guys ready for a little reveal for 2013???!???
  15. presenting my agenda refill for 2013....