Found a Terrific Use for My Cles

  1. I finally found a good use for my cles. Previously I used my groom & cerises ones as bag charms and my mini lin one as a wallet when I carried pochettes.....but I realized I have so many of those darn store discount cards (i.e. Best buy Rewards Zone, PetPerks, etc.) that I am now using my cles to hold all those!!!!!!!

    I love this little many functions!
  2. Great idea Twiggers!:nuts:
  3. who would have thought? :smile:
  4. That is a really good idea. I use mine for my monthly transit pass and a BART Ticket, but that's not much...
  5. Yea...I really hated going to the grocery store and forgetting the dang card! And I don't have room in the wallet and I hate them lying in the bottom of the purse!
    Also would be great for holding video store cards...

    I just keep the cles in my purse all the time now and I always have the cards!
  6. i use my groom for coins and cerises for those discount cards too

    hahaha ...
  7. LOL cherry! I was really contemplating selling my Mini Lin one until now!
  8. This is what I am going to use the heart coin purse for :biggrin:
  9. Cool! It makes me want to buy another Cles... maybe a Green Perfo? :nuts:
  10. good idea
  11. That's exactly what I use mine for too!! It makes it a lot easier than diggin through your wallet for the right card. I keep some gift cards in there too. It's great! :smile:
  12. Good the moment I have all mini discount cards attach with my keys.
  13. I did tht with my bookstore rewards card for school..and the darn thing broke off :sad: