Found a style I like, but they are discontinued - now what?

  1. I absolutely ADORE the Andrew Marc bags of last season (at least I think they are just last season). They are about the ONLY bag that sits on my shoulder well and make it feel well distributed weight-wise, but... they no longer make this style.

    So, are there other bags with this sort of fit? The key is that the zipper section can't be "up". it has to have that circular feel to it.

    The only other bag I can get to stay on my shoulder is the Not Rational Hansel... that has two straps (I never use the messenger strap)... so I guess there are other possibilities.

    I don't know if it's because I'm "fluffy" or because of how my shoulders are constructed, but I have a TERRIBLE time with most straps either slipping or feeling SOOOO heavy. I think part of it is because I'm VERY chesty (like need to order online, can't get in stores cup size - that kind of big).

    I'm all ears (and shoulders)... what bags don't slip from the shoulder? I'm not a big fan of cross body unless the strap is LONG and comfy because again, fluffy (wear a size 20) and big chested.

  2. I have been seeing these bags at Nordstrom Rack lately - maybe worth a try calling to see what you can find. Not sure what colors you are considering, but the Rack in Brea, CA had several of these bags in various colors a week or two ago, and I think they do charge-sends. I also saw one or two at TJMaxx a few weeks ago.

    Good luck!
  3. Sorry guys, I should have been more clear. I HAVE this bag in two colors and sizes and yep, from Marshalls, but once these are gone, that's it, Andrew Marc changed the style of the bag!

    I've been searching for a pewter or bronze bag just for fun, but it still needs to be comfortable when full and I'm not finding anything that fits the bill!

    So frustrating!
  4. How comfy is the Botkier Clyde? For some reason I drawn to this bag!
  5. I also love Andrew Marc bags, so know what you mean about their great fit at the shoulder. The Faith, which you show in your pic, is the best for that; my Lola is good, but wider, so it pushes away from the body just a bit, which can make it slip at times.

    I'm a little fluffy, too, :okay: and have problems with straps. Bags that don't puff out too much and those that bump at the waist rather than the ribs or hip stay put best. I've found success with Jimmy Choo's Ring bag, Linea Pelle's Dylan double strap tote, and the Hayden Harnett Havana hobo. Older Coaches still hang well from my shoulder but for some reason the newer styles don't.

    After a while you just get to know which bag types are most likely to work for you! In the meantime, there's ever so much fun just looking . . . :smile: