Found a stray tiny kitten.. please advise

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  1. #1 Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2010
    So I work in the film industry in LA, and we are currently shooting downtown in a not-so-nice area today through Wednesday. I was walking around the perimeter of the building today, and found 3 kittens living in the alley underneath a dumpster. It's strange, because 2 of them look older and the same (short hair grey tabbys), and there is one who looks considerably younger and tiny, and she has long hair and is an orange tabby. The 2 who look the same aren't very friendly, but the tiny one is SO friendly, and very sweet. I'm thinking that maybe she was dumped somewhere and found these 2 other kittens and is sticking with them. It is also obvious to me that she has had a lot of human interaction because of how tame and loving she is to people.

    I told the other crew members, and no one is interested in taking them. So I think I will call the animal shelter tomorrow and have them picked up. However, the shelter situation in LA is pretty frightening.. they are very overcrowded and most of them aren't in the greatest of conditions, so I feel bad subjecting them to that.

    Anyway, I just wanted to give you guys a back story, sorry for rambling. The point of this post is because I am considering taking the tiny orange tabby kitten home and adopting her, meanwhile trying to find a home/calling an animal shelter to take the other two. This little girl is so amazingly sweet and I fell in love with her. Me and my BF have a 8-month old kitten named Wally that we adopted back in May of this year, and my BF has an older dog who has developed some serious health problems in the past few weeks, so I do not think she will be with us much longer :cry: Wally is very sweet and LOVES other animals and loves attention from humans as well. He is very attached to our dog, and I think when she passes away it is going to be hard for him to be alone. Wally is so used to having the company of another animal while me and my BF are at work and he probably won't have that soon so I'm thinking an additional kitten would be great company for him.

    However, I am somewhat hesitant about the whole thing. The main reason is because of the hours me and my BF work. In our line of work, we work a minimum of 12 hours a day, 5-6 days a week (sometimes I will even work up to 15-16 hours!). I think this could be good and bad.. Good, because she could be a good companion for Wally, but bad because I won't be able to spend much time with her until the beginning of November when my current job wraps up. I think it is important to be able to spend lots of time with a young kitten like this one. Also, I love Wally so much and everything about his behavior and temperament is perfect; I am wondering if this changes when you bring another cat in the house?

    What do you guys think? Our living situation is stable BTW, and can definitely accommodate another kitten... our place is big enough, we have tons of toys and a big cat tower... we can also financially handle a new addition to the family which is obviously the most imporant. I just want what's best for everyone and I am having trouble figuring out what to do. I would love to hear some opinions!

    I told my BF about the situation, and he is okay with getting another cat, but is leaving it up to me. TIA for any help you can give me for this kitten, and maybe some ideas on what to do with the other two besides calling an animal shelter. :flowers:
  2. Cats are pretty hardy!! I had the same concerns before I adopted my 2 munchkins! I too work long hours and sometimes have to go away for work but they are still the cuddliest and amazing kitties in the world! I think it would be great for Wally to have a friend to keep him company too! You can always just give it go.. bring her home, introduce them and see what happens! Just make sure you take her to the vet first to get checked up, vacc, fixed, chipped, etc...! Wouldn't want Wally to catch something nasty!

    In regards to the other two, maybe post up some flyers somewhere to see if anyone wants to adopt them? The animal shelter sounds like it's not the best option!! :wondering

    Good luck and let us know what you decide! :tup:
  3. I think she will be fine. Cats are so self-sufficient and resilient. Of course I would take her to the vet right away, get her shots started and make sure she is in good health before exposing her to Wally and the dog.

    I love orange tabbys (I think they are the best "stock") and hope you will post pics.
  4. Yeh I agree cats are very self sufficent, we have had my cat since she was a kitten and my parents have always done the usual 8 hr days, 5 day weeks and I was at school so she was often alone all day and most of the time outside unless the weather was nasty. She hasnt seemed to suffer in any way, her personality is still the same as ever (shes the kind of ooo look at me im so pretty and you are a lowly human, I shall grace you with my presence when I see fit, but thats why we love her :biggrin:)
  5. Kitties do fine on their own I don't think work times will be a problem. A little orange nugget! :heart: I found a kitten recently and posted on Craigslist since I couldn't keep her and in about 2 hours I got 9 offers for her and she ended up with a good home :smile: If you're opposed to the shelter idea for the other two, it's an idea, it worked for me. About the older kitty, all cats are different, my boy (who's 12 and kind of mean) was fine when I brought the kitten home and seemed to like her, I think because she was small and he was like "ooohh, something little I can control!" lol but my girl (who's 3 and very sweet) was MAD when she saw the baby, she was hissing at her and growling etc, I was really surprised, especially because Spotsy was once a stray herself, how quickly she forgot! But I think even if your other cat is unhappy at first, he'll get over it, Storm didn't like Spots too much at first but now he loves the older brother way where he gets rough playing etc lol
  6. Oh, I hope you keep the little one and find homes for the other two. So sad, I wish I could have another cat but DH would kill me...
  7. Can you take all three home for now and keep them isolated in a bathroom or somewhere until you can take her to the vet and find the other two homes or take them to the shelter? The shelters may not be ideal but these little babies can't stay in the alley.

    I think she will be fine at home with Wally while you are at work. Wally is very young so accepting a new kitty shouldn't take too much effort.
  8. I think you should def. bring that baby home! She will have a so much better life with you than on the streets, even if you are not there all the time yet. She will have the other 2 to play with (and a warm bed, fresh water, healthy food, medical care...) seriously, what are you waiting for?!