Found a Secret Backdoor to Neiman's Sale Premier Designer Bags

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  1. I got an email from Neiman Marcus last night that gave me a link to sale items targeted at "Best Customers". As though they are trying to give a private sale/special access feel to a part of their website. WELL, here are all the high end designer bags on sale that we can't find by searching the regular sale section!!!! I don't know how long they will have this section set up this way. Here's the link to the "Best Customer" (I'll call it BC) category. Look under New Arrivals and then further into the categories that you want.

    Here's a couple examples of what I mean. Looking for sale bags via the BC category I can see this Marc Jacobs quilted bag by looking at the satchels but I can't see it if I go via the regular sale section tab from the home page. Here's the Jacobs bag:

    This pretty gold Chloe Paddy satchel shows up in the BC section but not in the regular sale area:

    I did notice that some have sold since last night so some of the targeted "Best Customers" are buying!
  2. this is great, thanks for posting!
  3. That's pretty fantastic. Thanks for sharing!
  4. wow thanks!
  5. We love these kinda links,someone posted it a few days ago and I purchased 3 Chloe bags :graucho:.
    It is very kind of you gals to post these awesome sale links.
  6. Thanks for sharing!!:tup:
  7. goody. I am shopping! Thank you.
  8. aww, don't apologize! it's because of members like you that we always get the best deals! ;)
  9. Awesome link, you're the best!
  10. Thanks for thinking of all of us--and our bank accounts$$$
  11. Ooooooh the edith is on sale!!!!!!!!!! :nuts:
  12. thanks for posting this!!