Found a satchel at the outlet today

  1. I've been looking for a cute satchel or carryall and today I found this one at the outlet on clearance. This satchel is a rather new style isn't it? Wasn't it online recently?

    I know people have mentioned newer stuff at the outlet but today all I saw was one turquoise small hobo. It was marked down quite a bit. I tried it on but a bit too small for me.
    satchel 001.jpg satchel 002.jpg
  2. Might be wrong but it looks like one of the hampton's satchels that was new this spring......
  3. Pretty! :drool: Congrats! :yahoo:It does look like a newer style. Did you check the serial code to see when it was made?
  4. Yes, it's definitely a Hampton's satchel from last year - very pretty.
  5. Good find, congrats!
  6. Good find!! I just saw one today at Dillard's on sale for $ was the larger one I think.
  7. Very nice! Enjoy;)
  8. Woohoo! I got the same bag yesterday too! I love and and am now on the hunt to get it in khaki!