Found a red mini patent leather, should I get it?

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  1. How hard is it to find a cherry red mini chanel? They said it just came in and I was very lucky. They have both black and red. I know I'm gonna get the black for sure. But should I grab the red one too since it's hard to find. I do want a red one eventually, even I can afford both BUT if I take it now it would take a huge chunk of my savings.
    Please give me your opinion asap. I'm at the chanel store right now and I heard there's a waiting list so I don't want to miss it
  2. Is both the black and the red patent?? If so, I would only get one, but that's just me. Don't worry, there are more mini's coming out for fall act II and cruise. I know the red you are talking about.... The dark red (raspberry-ish) with shiny ruthenium. Red is hard bc there is a rainbow of reds. Personally I would wait!!! Rash decisions always end up with returns or regrets, even though it's tempting.
  3. Hi, if you decide not to have the red one, would kindly message me your sales number? I really want a red patent mini! Thanks a million!