Found a pink Hanover!

  1. I am soooooooo thrilled because I've managed to find a pink Hanover! :yahoo:
    It was 30 per cent off so not as good as the website sale but, hey, I'm just chuffed to have located one - there were just 3 left in the country when I stumbled across it! :wtf:
    I started calling every Mulberry stockist at 9am this morning and by 10am I'd found one and it's on its way to me now. Can't wait!!! :smile::smile::smile:
    Thanks to everyone for your suggestions on how I could get my hands on one. :flowers:
  2. YAY!!!!!! Can't wait to see pics!!!! You are sure to look fab!!!! Persistence always pays off in the end!!!! So, what's your next bag?????
  3. I`m so pleased for you , they are a lovely bag and I`m sure you will be just as happy when it arrives.
    Can`t wait to see some pictures :smile:
  4. Kroquet - you are incorrigible! There is no next bag because now I have to be a good girl and save (???) some money!
    Black Annie has just arrived but is going back tomorrow as it's not for me.

  5. Thanks Tara! It was the pic of yours which showed the colour so well that made me determined to find one. It'll sure bring some zing to my wardrobe!!
  6. Yay!!!!!!!! Well done,glad your persistance paid off!!! Isn't it funny,for the right bag you will pay,I did with my Hanover,yet with some its a case of 'nah,I'll wait'
    When it was in front of me,I did'nt want to wait and I paid £416,but I did'nt care,just wanted it badly!!!

    Can't wait for you to get it!!! It was so lovely seeing Tara's!! Two in quick succession is just going to be heaven !!! Well done!!
  7. Yeah....congrats on finding your bag! What a great feeling, yes???
    Enjoy and pls. post pics upon her arrival!

    Happy New Year everyone:yahoo:
  8. Love it kroquet!!

    Yippee!! for the hanover sarajane. What a fantastic feeling to finally track it down. Reckon it makes it even more special - you will aways appreciate the effort that went into it :yahoo:
  9. :dothewave:Congratulations!!!!!!!
  10. SJ - You know that there will be a new bag in May!!!!! So let us know when you start thinking about which one to buy!!!!!
  11. Thanks everyone! I wasn't an investigative journalist for nothing - I just knew there was a pink Hanover somewhere with my name on it!! The funny thing was the SA said people had looked at it and put it back and they kept wondering why no-one was buying it especially as it was the last one. That was because it had my name on it!!
    Off to Clinique tomorrow for a pink lippie. This pink lark is going to come as a bit of a shock for DH as he's used to me in red. Pink bag is going to clash big time with my car as well!!
  12. Yay :yahoo:

    So pleased that you found one, sarajane. You'll have to take a photo of the Hanover next to your Araline - I love orange & hot pink together, reminds me of fruit salad sweeties (if anyone remembers those :lol:)

  13. Thanks Dita! God yes, I remember fruit salad sweets! They used to glue your mouth together, I was always worried they'd pull my fillings out!
    Hot orange car, tangerine Araline & pink Hanover - what a combo! Just spotted a fab silk skirt in all those colours in Monsoon sale - just off to snap it up! :lol:
  14. Delighted for you Sara Jane.Well done on your find.:yahoo:

  15. Oooh, good idea. I'm picturing a classic Pucci scarf tied at the neck....

    Damn, now *I* want a pink Hanover :lol: