found a original waist pack today

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  1. I went to a really ghetto TJ Max in Champaign IL today while visiting an oncologist for my dog's cancer treatment, and wandered though the purses hoping I"d see something...And I didn't of course, but then my boyfriend spotted an original print waist pack for $45. I figured that was a good deal so I picked it up. Finally I saw some Toki in a real store, and the sad part is that I'm so used to seeing my own Tokis that I"m jaded to seeing them. Its funny that he spotted it. Good old men, I think he's finally starting to understand my fetish :tup:
  2. Congrats on the great find!
  3. I hope your doggy is going to be okay.
  4. lol elizs :lol:
    That was a great buy at $45! Yay for your bf spotting it! You've trained him well .. haha

    ETA: Yes, I hope your dog is going to be okay too !!!
  5. Sweet deal! gahhh need to find a tjmaxx..heh.
    &I hope your doggie is ok too. :heart:
  6. wow I'm so jealous! haha yah my mom spotted a tokidoki yesterday and i was like huh? apparently a girl walked by with a black zucca (I looked back but she was kinda far away by then) my bf also spots tokidoki a lot faster than I do :lol:

    and I send the doggie get better wishes too! :love:
  7. good deal i went to three tj maxx's yesterday all i found was harajuku lovers, disney couture and some betseyville

    i hope your dog gets better :sad:
  8. cool, thats cheap! Im happy for you! Was it the original print outside or the black with original print?
  9. awesome find!! :biggrin: very cool that your bf found it! :lol:

    i like the disney couture stuff! :smile: wow tj maxx is getting better stuff now.. lol. i hope your doggie is doing better~
  10. Lots of :heart::heart::heart: for your doggie.

    (And congratz).
  11. Its the original print on the outside. It looks like the colors have bled a bit becuase the main pocket on the outside has a greenish tinge to it. THe dog is ok. He had a cancerous thyroid tumor removed last may & went though Chemo & everything. So a year later I'm still paying for it and its hurting my TOki spending money. He's a little trooper though..His name is Sparky & you can see him under my pets section on my website
  12. Hooray for TJMAX:yahoo:
  13. wow congrats on a great deal!!! hope your dog is fine :biggrin:
  14. awww elizs!!! Azreal and Sparky are soooo cuuute :love: !!! He def. looks like a trooper!!
  15. Thanks for the TJ Maxx tip. I went to 3 TJ Maxx stores and finally found an original denaro YEAH. $24.99. Black on outside, original printe on the inside. No qee, but no biggie. I have an original print Buon Viaggio and black Mamma, so it matches both perfectly. I have an extra qee so I was wondering if people keep them on their wallets???? Thanks again.:yahoo: