Found a new stone

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  1. I wanted to start a new thread for the new stone I found. I get such great advice here. James Allen is holding it for me until I make my final decision. It is AGS0, H&A. The AGS report isn't linked yet, but I have it. If you click on the link, you can see the ideal scope images. You can see a tiny white inclusion in the table. Don't know how critical that is. Stats are listed below:

    Table 56.5%
    Depth 61.2%
    Crown 34.1
    Pavilion 40.9

    Any opinions are greatly appreciated :smile:
  2. Hm, the stone itself is beautiful and for sure sparkles like hell with the AGS Ideal Cut BUT I can see the inclusion with my naked eye and it is very prominent in my opinion. I´m very picky about such things and it would bother me too much personally. So for me from what I see in the Video, this would´t be a winner for me. If the inclusion wash´t directly under the table I would´t worry about it, but so visible - no.
    Although I don´t know how noticeable it will be in natural light or even spotlights, so...
  3. I, too, am concerned about that inclusion. Being white, it might be less concerning than the other one though, so it's worth a look. I am not really blown away by this vendors selection, especially their VS2s. But the location again on this inclusion is problematic. I like those angles though.
  4. I thought about that as well. With that being said, I STILL can't find the inclusion in the other stone without a loupe so I'm wondering if this one will be an issue.
  5. I too think that inclusion is very prominent being in the worst place, I wonder how the stone got graded VS2, I would give it a lower clarity grade, being visible with the naked eye and VS 2? Not really.

    I was laughing very hard the other day when I got an email from a wholesaler from India promoting their goods. The email went like this? We sell everything from VS Flawless grade to promotional I3. I am not sure what made me laugh harder, the flawless part or the promotional word but actually it is very sad and this email is sent to people in the trade. Or the EGL brochure I picked up in Antwerp which said VWS clarity.

    Also this shows how big the difference can be between VS2 and VS2, which is what often worries me about online vendors. Not all show their stones in such detail. I would say no to this stone because of the inclusion, I am not too picky about clarity but again this shows a lot on the image but perhaps it does not show at all IRL.
  6. Hopefully Ame will clarify for us but I always thought GIA docked at least one clarity grade on the scale for an inclusion on the table?

    Why does this vendor keep trying to sell you these less desireable stones? To me, that inclusion should not qualify the stone as a per se VS. And I think if you want a VS and it is important to you, you should pass on any stone with a table inclusion. Usually you can see them by just looking straight down through the middle. If size is really important, you're better off going to a nice SI1 than a table inclusion in my opinion.
  7. I definitely don't have to buy from James Allen, but they do have $13k of my boyfriend's money (he paid wire transfer) so an exchange would be easier. However, we have no problem shopping elsewhere. I spoke to the customer service rep and he said the white inclusion in this stone would be easier to see than the black mark in the other one. Of course, I still can't find the mark in the stone I have now. All I see when I look down is contrast, which I love. My boyfriend swears that is what is hiding the inclusion. He loves this stone.
  8. And this is the point. If YOU and your BF love this stone, then it is right for you. Diamonds must be seen in person and if this one speaks to your heart - go for it if it´s a good deal!
  9. Well said LovingDiamonds!
  10. Well you could ask them to show you more stones with the same stats but without an inclusion on the table and see what they say. I am sure they have much more inventory but I have a feeling they might tell you they're not at the price point you paid. That might be the reason you're getting these table included choices. If you're fine with an inclusion on the table, and can't see it, and like the diamond then that is all that matters. Just pick the one you like the best.
  11. The location, size and type are the factors on what the grade is. I think the present VS2 you have is a little loose on clarity, that to me would qualify as SI1, but this is a VS2 just based on the grademaker. It wouldn't be a VS2 I would be happy with though, neither would be.

    Perhaps look at some VS1s, even going down in color or looking for a stone with fluorescence to offset costs a little to try to make the clarity less of an issue.

    Don't settle if you don't LOVE LOVE the one you have.

    I would consider other vendors unless JA has a specific setting you want. I am not really loving much in their inventory, even including VVS clarities and more colors in the search.
  12. I thought the same thing about the stone I have now. It seems like it should be an SI1. It is a gorgeous stone and I still can't see a thing without a loupe. Sometimes it even takes me a few seconds to find it with my 20x loupe. My fear is that one day it will magically appear and then I won't be able to overlook it. My boyfriend thinks I'm nuts! He doesn't understand the "mind clean" thing either.

    I have 60 days to return the stone. I am going to poke around the next week or so and see what I find. If I really loved something that was more expensive, my boyfriend would pay for it. I guess I just feel like I shouldn't have to spend more to get what I want. The setting I want is almost $4k, so there is wiggle room there as well. I found some cheaper settings that I love just as much.

    In the meantime, I had James Allen take that other stone off hold. I don't think that is the one.

    Thanks again for your advice everyone :smile:
  13. Any diamond "I" in color is not worth buying regardless if it is VS in clarity or not. Go for at least G-H and maybe SI1 or 2 instead.
  14. I have an I color diamond and think it is one of the most beautiful diamonds I have ever seen. I like D, F, I, and K colored diamonds and they are what are beautiful to me. :smile:
  15. You shouldn't have to spend more and you shouldn't have to settle. And you voiced the same concern I would have, one day, probably sooner than later, your eye will catch that inclusion right there staring up at you from the table and you will always notice it after that. You obviously are looking for a certain higher tier clarity grade and the problem is you aren't really getting it and could get a lot more for your money if you're basically taking a grade hit anyway. I know it's a pain to switch vendors but it's better than settling. If it were me, if you don't love the stone, I'd call the vendor and tell them their stones aren't doing it for me. Tell them you wanted to go through them because you like a setting but aren't liking their stones. Ask them to give you a better stone at a better price or work with you on the setting. If they won't, can you just get the setting from them?