Found; A new cure for Bronchitis...

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  1. Hello to all dearest TPFers, please allow me to share my sentiments with you.I'm down with Bronchitis for 3 days now,so I've been confined to my bed suffering in misery,and to make matters worse it's my 17th wedding anniversary today!!:crybaby:so definitely plans were cancelled.Thank goodness there's TPF that distracts me in such way from such misfortune..and heres' another,in between coughing,chills, self pity,cough again, and self pity in front of my husbands face..He got the message, and so i thought, he left the house and told me he forgot to get something..He then came back with a card (happy anniversary) and chinese food and tried to baby and spoon fed me with soup:wtf: ..Come on,I deserve more than a chinese food ,it's our anniversary.So I dwelled in self pity again and never ending cough spells..He finally had enough of my tantrums and ended up my misery when he left again for i minute and came back with the best cure for my BRONCHITIS..:nuts::nuts::woohoo::okay::woohoo:Try it my friends it's really effective. and so here it goes..and thank you for listening
    Channel Box.jpg

    channel chain.jpg

    rodeo vinyl flap.jpg

    Travel bag.jpg
  2. Very Pretty! I love Chanel Vinyl!!!
  3. Too funny! Happy Anniversary and feel better soon.
  4. Aww...your DH is just too sweet! Hope you feel better soon! :smile:
  5. Great bag!! Hope you feel better soon!
  6. LV rocks- thank you so much I got so surprised really but, i was thinking if it is popular and or classic b/c I don't see much around
    Smoothoprter- You're the sweetest ,thanks for the kind words.makes me feel a lot better..
  7. Congrats!!! I don't know whether to say get well or stay sick (hahaha).
    Great bag, Happy Anniversary!!!:drinkup:
  8. lvlady..Hey lvlady, You're still on vacation? Well good for you ,and thanks for your sweetness,i really appreciate it
    Jayne 1-Thank you, I feel a lot better already after all the kind words you're giving me
  9. happy anniversary and get well soon! lovely lovely bag!
  10. Hi Ms Purrfect.. Oh well maybe I can be sick for another day or two then I might have another..well you know what:jammin: thanks for the thought
  11. Your DH got the idea in the end then LOL??!!!!!
    Hope you get better soon and Happy Anniversary!!
  12. Hug your new Chanel and get well soon!
  13. What a sweet DH and fab bag. Get well soon!
  14. stefeilnately and bagmad73 thanks for the kind thoughts
  15. Wow, that bag would make any gal feel better. Happy Anniversary!