Found a little Beauty at the Outlet...

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  1. I ventured to the Clinton CT Outlet.... I was looking for and bought a Black Lurex Capacity Wristlet (I got the last Black Lurex, but they also had the Purple and the Gold Lurex Capacity Wristlets)....

    I was not intending to purchase another bag... but I saw her and could not pass her up...

    $104 bucks...


    and with a couple of pretty danglies...


    I think she's really cute... and for the money, well worth buying....
  2. oooh that is really nice you guys are not making staying out of the outlets easy for me at all are you.
  3. Very cute, and I love those charms
  4. Adorable new bag!!! Congrats!
  5. Good deal!
  6. Great bag and an amazing deal for 104! Congrats :tup:
  7. GORGEOUS! :tup:
  8. OMG...that bag is TOO CUTE! Big Congrats, what an awesome deal!!! Enjoy!
  9. That bag is sooo cute! Especially with the charms on her. Congrats!
  10. Congrats!!! So pretty! My outlet only had these in gold, I got the black matching miniskinny though; wish mine had the purple lurex capacity wristlet!
  11. Congratulations. Your bag looks fabulous all decked out with those charms. Great deal!
  12. Oh Tygerkitty...wish mine had the gold!!! The only thing that kept me from buying the same one Tammy bought (in the larger size) was the fact that I've already got soooo many black Coach bags!!!

    Congrats Tammy!!! She's a juicy one!!!

    <-------------------Love's it!!!!
  13. nice bag & great price!
  14. So cute!

    I really need to take a drive over to our outlet...its an hour away..but seems like it may be worth the drive. When I get some money of course.
  15. INCREDIBLE!!! I really love these bags! Can;t believe they're at the outlets already! Congrats! love your purchases!