Found a GST! Should be happy but I feel terrible

  1. Ok before I start, I'll just say that I am soooo indecisive. Especially when it comes to purses. So I bought a PST from the nicest lady at Sak's...then I decided then it was too small and I wanted a GST so I returned it to a different Saks store (there are no Sak's where I live). I felt soo bad about her losing her commission but I was going to buy a GST from her so I didn't think it mattered. I've been waiting for over a month and still no GST!!! Then I heard about the April price increase soo I freaked. I called Neimans in Dallas and they had a black GST on hold for someone who changed their I snatched it!!!!! I am soo excited that I am getting my dream bag except I feel like I screwed the Saks SA over!!! She was the nicest person ever and I feel terrible. :sad: I thought you guys might understand because my family thinks I'm crazy.
  2. did this have gold or silver h/w?

    Oh! And don't feel bad for her, that's the nature of her business.
  3. Yeah, don't feel bad! Cheer up!! You have a GST coming to you soon!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  4. Totally agree! Don't feel bad! Oh and congrats on your GST!
  5. yeah, don't feel bad. congrats and enjoy your GST.
  6. Love the GST!

    I say you feel happy to got a great stunning bag!
  7. They take their jobs knowing they will lose commission on returns or a customer finding a particular bag elsewhere. If they can't handle it they should find another line of work. I know I couldn't handle it because I depend on consistent income, which is why I am not a sales associate!

    As for the GST, I couldn't think of a nicer bag to smile about! I love mine.
  8. I think they're used to this happening.

    Enjoy your bag! :yes:
  9. it happens all the time...
    be wappy with ur new bag :yes:
    i can't imagine you're missing on a great bag just to make sure u bought it from a certain SA. i'm sure she'll understand :smile:
  10. Enjoy your bag!!! There will always be someone who'll snatch up the bag :sneaky: *hrmm... like you :p
  11. Think of it this way....this is not going to be yr last chanel rite??? So..for the next purchases...go to her again