found a great site :)

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  1. iv never heard of the site before but just from a quick glance they look a bit more expensive than LT and atleast we know we can trust LT. thanks for posting though.
  2. I agree :yes:
  3. They also on eBay and agree with other, the price is quite higher. I ever asked them for a little disc but they said NO while LT always so welcome if we ask for a little disc
  4. It looks like a lot of My Poupette sellers are taking a cue from Let-Trade and setting up sites like these.
  5. I have bought two bags from them and they are great and have super fast shipping.
  6. Thanks for posting!
  7. Oh yeah I've heard of them too..they also deal a lot in the Chanel items.
  8. Italy Station is a consignment Store in Hong Knong, all the bags on there have been bought from people who no longer want the bags. The most saleable bags are put on the website and the rest are sold in store in Hong Kong.
  9. you know what I really like about this site is the modeling pictures, it really gives me a good idea of how some of the bags that I haven't seen before look and how big or small they are.
  10. oooh! chanel too! im excited!
  11. :yes: Their eBay id is lvauthentic.
  12. This Italy Station seem to get their bags from Let-Trade too and then resell them. Their white Multicolore Koala wallet on their website (Italy Station not Let-Trade) looks pretty suspect.
  13. They've been on eBay for a couple of years. Their prices used to be reasonable 1-2 years ago - almost same as let-trade. Haven't tried buying from them, though.