Found a GREAT NON-CHEMICAL Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin, and NON-GREASY!

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  1. Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Sunblock SPF 60

    I just bought this today. The formulation is really nice, works well under make-up, waterproof, no fragrances, non-chemical (because in recent news, it was found a lot of chemical sunscreens were potential carcinogens). This does not turn my skin a chalky color, either, lasts a long time. This is really a good product! Just wanted to let you all know, because finding a good product like this is huge for me with my sensitive skin issues, lol. I purchased it at Target. Also, another bonus, it does not contain parabens!

  2. I love Baby Sunscreen! I keep a pink stick in my purse for my hands.
  3. I love all sunscreens that are formulated for babies! It's always what I stick with!
  4. Thanks for the tip. Gonna get some of this today!
  5. Oh yeah baby... we love that.
  6. You're welcome. :smile: Hope it works for you!
  7. Really? No chalky white crap? Count me in. I'm gonna get some over the weekend.
  8. My skin is super-sensitive and super-fair, so I can't wait to try this. Thanks!
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    Well, with zinc in a product, there will always be a tiny amount of white, but when I put it on, it seems to have dried clear. I have fair skin, so not sure how it dries on dark skin, but really it dried so nicely on, it doesn't seem like it would appear on dark skin either. Perhaps sample some before buying. I couldn't tell it was on. But this is the best non-chemical sunscreen I have used with such a high SPF that I can wear with makeup and not look chalky. Maybe because there is titanium dioxide mixed with the zinc, it doesn't appear pasty on me! If anyone else purchases it, let us know how it is on your skin and if you have tanned skin, etc. I think for something non-chemical that is SPF 60, it looks and feels really great. The best part for me was how it dried, without a greasy feel.

    Read the reviews on the drugstore website I posted in the first link.
  10. i always eye this at walgreens as it looks really cute but would never let myself get it because i figured it wasn't meant for adults--but now i feel free to purchase away! :biggrin:
  11. Of course! Baby products are actually better for sensitive skin, because babies' skin is so sensitive. I would never hesitate to buy a product meant for babies like shampoo or lotion.
  12. I use this on my face, and I cannot say I find it appreciably less greasy than other sunscreens. Then again, I tend to have very oily skin - especially in the summer - and would love a mattifying sunscreen if such a thing existed. I do appreciate that it is a physical sunblock instead of chemical, though.

    It dries pretty sheer, but be aware that if you perspire, it will show white, even hours after application. I can apply this at noon and then go biking in the late afternoon and any sweat is cloudy instead of clear (making it much more visible and odd-looking) and bits of white show on the skin. I realize most people won't be heavily perspiring in this during their daily activities, but just an FYI.
  13. It is not possible to have a non-chemical sunscreen that is totally clear. At least not currently. It is SPF 60 so keep in mind that with a high SPF, you will feel it more than a low SPF on your face. But I would not consider this to be greasy, but then again my skin is not oily. It hasn't shown white on my face, but I haven't sweated while wearing it yet. Anyway, it does what I want, is non-chemical, has high SPF, and so glad for no parabens or irritating ingredients. It's been a hard time finding one that does these things and still feel weightless and transparent on my face.

  14. BTW Cosmedicine makes a mattifying sunscreen, but I don't know if it's non-chemical.
  15. I'm SO buying some of this tomorrow!
    Thanks for the reminder about "no chemicals" and such.