Found a Ferragamo Bag

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  1. I recently moved & I found among our things a black all-leather Salvatore Ferragamo briefcase/bag. It has the original tags complete with model/material numbers. Gold Omega front clasp with golden appointments all over with the Ferragamo Signature engraved on it. I called Ferragamo & they said it was made in 1993 & originally sold for over $1,000 US. What should I do with it?
  2. give it to me? :smile:

    seriously...if you don't want it...list the thing on eBay and make some cash for something you DO want. that's what I would do anyway.
  3. Use it? If not, sell it on eBay or save it for the little ones.
  4. cool
  5. nice :biggrin: Good find, literally.
  6. Thanks!
  7. Haha, did you just say thank you after 4 years?! :nuts: That's what I call polite!
  8. ^^right?
  9. close this thread?

  10. Lmao! :biggrin:
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