Found a fake MJ at NMLC

  1. Ladies, be careful when you buy bags even from a reputable department store! Yesterday I went to check out the Neiman Marcus Last Call near me and discovered that one of the Marc Jacobs they had out on the shelf was actually a fake! :wtf:

    It was the limited edition Sophia in black and there happened to be a real one that I was buying. I had picked up the good one because it seemed to be in better condition on the outside, but the fake one looked about the same (although on closer inspection, the leather did look different...not obviously poorer quality, but just a bit smoother/less pebbly). As you might know, the LEs of these bags were like reissued versions of the original MJ bags, with brass buckles instead of the silver pushlocks. It also has a special large brass plate with Marc's signature etched on it and the words "Limited Edition". The fake bag had this identical plate but it was attached to a front wall of the bag instead of on a back one as usual - so it was facing the wrong way. Also, the lining was cotton instead of suede as on the one I bought. To my knowledge these special editions only came out in one season of 2005 (?) so there shouldn't be different "variants" lying around. I'm assuming the one I picked up was the real one because it had a suede lining and the metal plate was facing the usual direction.

    The fake was selling for the same price as the real one ($438). I showed the fake compared to the real one to the accessories salesperson who showed it to her manager and took it off the floor. She also noticed upon closer inspection that one of the inner grommets attaching the straps had become detached so it was a damaged bag anyway.

    It was so fortunate that I had the real one there to do a side by side comparison or else I might have just written off some of these details as being due to being a special edition. The outer appearance looked fine although I didn't have time to compare them super carefully. The hardware also looked fine - while it was different from the usual MJ we're now used to because it was a special edition, the fake hardware looked about the same as the hardware on the real one.

    I think one could easily have bought the fake and not have known it wasn't real. Thankfully now no one will fall victim to buying that bag! I think somebody must've bought the real bag when it was still at NM and then switched it out for a fake. I wonder if they can still trace the purchase history of the bag and catch whoever may have done that. :mad:

    The real black limited edition Sophia meanwhile is going to go to my Mom as her first Marc Jacobs bag! I understand that the limited edition Stella is extremely sought-after in black, but is the Sophia as well?

  2. God that's awful! Lovely bag though, congrats
  3. Scary isn't it?!? I had a similar experience at a NMLC in Colorado. I found a fake MJ coin purse and took it all around the store but no one would believe/help me. I was so frustrated! I finally left and called a manager that night who told me she would pull it from the floor. Stores really should be more careful about the returns they accept.

    Oops, I almost forgot to congratulate you on such a gorgeous purchase! You're mother will love it!!
  4. I guess that's why some stores - like Nordstrom Rack - won't accept returns on certain handbags. That's awful though. Some of us are not as knowledgeable about all of the different lines and limited edition bags, and take for granted that reputable stores carry authentic merchandise. Still planning to hit both NMLC and NR this weekend, so wish me luck! :s
  5. I never would have thought these things happen at Nordstrom! I think the main reason is that some of the SA's have really little knowledge of the styles and how to differentiate between real/fake. They should seriously have more stringent return policies orelse it won't be safe to buy a bag anywhere! Scary thought...
  6. ^ It happened at Neiman Marcus Last Call not Nordstrom. There is less of a chance it would happen at Nordstrom Rack since they do not accept returns.
  7. scary! I always check the zipperheads, no matter where i buy from.
  8. Aw man, that's scary! I'm happy you got a real one. It's a beauty!!
  9. Wow, that is disturbing:wtf:. I always felt so secure whenever I bought MJ from NM. I guess not anymore!
  10. I'm really glad you got the real thing! It's sad how far fakers will go to trick people! UGH!
  11. Now I'm paranoid that the Venetia I just got from Nordsrom Rack is somehow fake. :sad:
  12. Seems like a classic case of bait and switch. I would suggest if you order over the phone, definitely double check everything once the bag is received...

    I wonder if NR will accept returns on shipped items in cases like this?
  13. If you ordered a berry Venetia, chances are slim that it was a fake because I heard that these were overstocks shipped directly from MJ boutiques and were never put out on the Nordstrom sales floor. That's why so many turned up at NR in beautiful mint condition. I'm sure it'll be fine!
  14. gosh! that is crazy! i bet that is what someone did, bought the real one and switched it out with a fake.
    im glad you knew what to look for!!

    congrats on the bag, im sure your mom will love it!
  15. I have heard from my retail friends that many one-of a kind outlet finds are returns on regular retail, but off-season ---- so they end up at LC, NR, Off 5th etc.

    EXCEPT the Berry mania! - LOL - which seemed to be an overun situation!

    So I think the "bait & switch" happens at the regular retail level, when an SA takes an item back. Which is really evil in my book.